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The Lavish Life Of Luxury And Celebrity Homes

The Lavish Life Of Luxury And Celebrity Homes

It is no surprise that the lavish life of luxury is exclusive to those that are ultra-rich. From tech titans to sports stars, these are the folks that bask themselves in the life of the ultra-luxurious. These are the 1% of the population that comprise of a majority of the income in both the United States and the world. Folks like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are those we think about when we consider the 1%.

You are probably wondering what a life of luxury looks or feels like. For the most of us, we will never live a lifestyle remotely close to how these people live. Even at a 6 figure salary, it does not compare to the benefits and privilege that these people enjoy. However, one privilege that we can afford is the luxury of a home.


Celebrity Home Styles

When you are living the life of an ultra-rich celebrity, you have a lot of freedom over where you want to live and the type of house you want to live in. For Bruce Willis, he dons a beautiful Spanish style home in Beverly Hills. This Spanish style home boasts a simple color of white with an entrance way that is lined by beautiful flowers and plants.

As someone as rich and privileged as Bruce Willis, it is no surprise that the entrance way of a celebrity home is designed to greet its guests in the most sophisticated manner. This shows the guests not only is the home well kept, but that this is the beginning of surprises of what else there is to encounter in the home.


Inside The Celebrity Home Of Bruce Willis

Inside the home of Bruce Willis, you will find many curious things. There are 4 luxuriously designed sliding doors that lead out to the pool of the house. The living room his large enough to hold a couple of dozen guests and it boasts a fireplace towards the center of the room.

Walking into his kitchen, you will see a beautifully designed kitchen to fit the modern man in. The kitchen table spans about 6 feet wide and 2 feet in length, and seats about 14 guests. With 3 lights hovering over the kitchen table, the room is well lit to capture the casual ambience of the atmosphere.

The most glorious and beautiful room is the master bedroom. Large enough to fit at least 3 king sized beds, the master room was designed to suit the likes of a king and queen. With the shower not too far from the room, stepping inside, you’ll see a beautifully encased shower station with marbled top counters and see through glass. Right beside it is a bathtub that can seat at least 3 people with windows that show a fantastic view of the entire lot. With mirrors about 5 feet wide and 2 feet in length, you will have no problem coming out of the shower to take care of your personal needs.

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