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The couple who truly live in Heavenly Magic - wherever they are

The couple who truly live in Heavenly Magic - wherever they are

American singer-songwriter Garth Brooks and his partner Trisha Year wood, who is herself a singer, author, and actress, live - among other places - in a Ranch House in Malibu.

It's a single-story building, erected in the late 1950s, and boasts four bedrooms, three and half bathrooms, in an area that spans about 4,236 square feet.

The couples have been using it as their Malibu family retreat but it is far from lavish by either Hollywood or Nashville standards.
No pool but still valued at $7.5 million

It doesn't have pool. There is no massive home cinema. They haven't even installed a spa and certainly there is no built-in espresso machine to be seen. However, it is still valued at a coolly astounding $7.5 million.

The price is down to the place's location, it seems. Situated on about half of an acre that is filled with shady oaks, the ranch is just a stone's throw from one of Malibu’s most coveted private beaches, which goes by the attractive and enticing name Paradise Cove.

For a house that Brooks and 50-year-old Year wood bought for just $4.75 million six years ago - back in 2008 - its new valuation demonstrates in no uncertain terms that the singers made a very good investment.

Their purchase went through shortly after the ranch building had been remodeled extensively back in 2007. Among the things that had been added then were a luxurious and extremely large master suite bathroom, with its own fireplace, very useful French doors that lead out in to the backyard, as well as a very spacious bath with a tub that's free-standing and shower, which has a double head.


Fabulous master suite bathroom

This master suite is undoubtedly the stand out, note-worthy room in this house. But the kitchen, which is lit by the sky and has a spectacular central island, as well as a purpose-built wine cooler, Viking appliances in stainless steel, and cabinets that are not only cream colored but also made to look antique, is also charming.


Stunning kitchen too

It's probably fitting that the star of Trisha’s award-winning Southern Kitchen - Year wood’s Food Network show - should have such a special place to cook for her family, which includes three daughters, at home too.

This is only one of several places this power couple currently owns. They also have a huge estate in Oklahoma's Owasso region, but intend to make the area around Nashville - home of country and western - as their permanent base area.

Year wood has a luxury home in Nashville's posh suburb of Brent wood.  Plus the two own a three hundred thousand acre estate in Goodlettsville, which is just to the north of Nashville.

This itself features a residence that takes up 5,500 square feet residence, alongside numerous other buildings including a giant warehouse.

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