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Sports star dream homes: a few design tips we didn’t know we needed, or were entirely wrong about

Sports star dream homes: a few design tips we didn’t know we needed, or were entirely wrong about

When you think of a sports star home, immediately the assumption is that the house would be overflowing with sports memorabilia or equipment. What a pleasant surprise however, when you are able to get a few nice design tips from these homes that don’t necessarily incorporate sports influence.


Magic Johnson

Expecting to see a basketball hoop in every corner may leave you pleasantly surprised. A beautifully finished, yet comfortable and functional home. Magic Johnson’s home is the epitome of rest and relaxation, and as a perfect seaside escape, it’s no small wonder that it’s comfortably furnished in whites and deep blues. A wonderful design tip from this Southern Californian gem is the use of neutral colours like tan, sand and whites. Add to that a touch of dark wood and deep blues and you’re all set for a beautiful space that oozes that holiday feel.


David Beckham

Footballer or gothic lord? An interior design article based on sports stars just won’t be complete if David Beckham isn’t on the list. The decorating style in their newly acquired home boasts an almost romantic gothic style if the style can even be imagined. Attention to detail and the use of rich fabrics, dark wooden furniture, and a good use of colour is at the order of the day. In fact, had this home been subjected to the Tardis, it would easily fit right into the 18th century. Beautifully picked antique furniture and incredible wall finishes add depth and charisma to the space.


Serena Williams

This tennis star’s mansion is a classic mixture of modern contemporary style. High gloss white flooring, coupled with white walls and fittings can leave a space feeling stark and cavernous, however, with clever arrangements of furniture and accessories, Serena Williams has managed to add a bit of warmth to her space. The use of rich dark colours in her furniture pieces contrasts beautifully with the white, and the use of softer tones in the bedrooms add to a feeling of cosiness and comfort. Beautiful open plan spaces created a flowing feeling, and large windows and high ceilings in the entertainment areas create space without dwarfing the rooms. The bathrooms have a beautiful yet functional spa feeling.


Dwayne Johnson

We sometimes forget that Dwayne Johnson was an accomplished athlete before becoming a Hollywood star. Having won the world championship ten times during his career, the palatial home befits this entertainment king. This home boasts top of the range fittings and furnishings, as well as every modern accessory your heart may desire. Marble and glass sets the tone. A beautiful cinema also forms part of this palatial retreat, where guests are entertained in beautiful leather recliners. The bedrooms were most certainly not overlooked in the design process, and lean more towards comfort and rich design. This house a good mixture of modern and old school design, incorporating best of both worlds.

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