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Renovation decision: do it like celebrities, on your own budget

Renovation decision: do it like celebrities, on your own budget

With the housing market forecasted to continue improving in 2015. You may be looking for renovation projects to improve the value of your home. Planning and budgeting for home renovations can be intimidating. This series of articles will guide you through the process to achieve the look you want, on a budget. Today, we will tackle the kitchen.

According to consumer surveys, kitchen consistently improves the property value of the house. Renovating the kitchen will allow you to enjoy your time at home cooking healthy meals. At the same time, you can potentially recover some of the renovation cost when you sell the house. While you like the style of celebrity kitchens you see on TV, outfitting your home like a celebrity is not exactly budget-friendly. There are things that you can plan ahead before the project starts to achieve the celebrity look you want.


How do I get the celebrity chef’s kitchen look

Many homeowners like the stainless-steel, professional look of celebrity chefs’ kitchens. Increasingly, buyers prefer to outfit their kitchens with stainless-steel, professional-grade ranges and ovens. Take care not to overdo on the big appliances and neglect the small ones. The dissonance between the modern look of high-grade appliances and the more-budget friendly appliances is the quickest way to defeat the look you’re hoping for. Instead, opt for smaller and fewer professional appliances and get minor appliances that match the look. While a double-oven looks nice in the kitchen, you’ll rarely need it. Instead buy a nice toaster that ties the look together. The money you save can even be used to buy better dinnerware's.


But make sure it’s still your house

Don’t get carried away trying to make your kitchen look professional. While it works for celebrity chefs, all stainless-steel kitchen can look unwelcoming, if not intimidating. Don’t forget to throw a little bit of yourself in there. If you prefer the earthy, warm look, try punctuating the kitchen with bare bricks, wooden furniture, or a coffee table made from a tree stump. If you prefer the modern look, try complimenting your kitchen with a raw concrete dining table. You can also paint the kitchen in your favorite color. With the bare minimal look of your kitchen appliances, your favorite color will pop even more than usual. Smaller items can also personalize your cooking space. Try salt and pepper shakers that make people say “that’s so you.” Or even cloth napkins that you have been collecting from your trips.


Beware of the biggest mistake homeowners do

Some common mistakes that homeowners do when renovating the kitchen can be easily prevented. First, never follow the current “trend.” Trends go in and out of style. While something might currently be all the rage, they might go out of style when you try to sell the house. Stay with classic decorations. If you really can’t resist expressing yourself, opt for something smaller and easier to change.


Follow this recipe, and you’ll achieve the look you want. Good kitchen renovation is one of the biggest wow factors for home buyers. Be careful, however. You might never want to part with your house with the new kitchen.

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