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Katy Perry Home: An Example of the Post-Renaissance in Park Hill

Katy Perry Home: An Example of the Post-Renaissance in Park Hill

The young but prominent pop star Katy Perry is living a true celebrity life. After breaking up with her husband Russell Brand, she has changed her location. Now, instead of New York, her main address is Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The mansion, also known by its name Park Hill, occupies almost 9 thousand square feet and costs 6.5 million USD, or at least it did at the moment of purchase.


The General Image

The Park Hill mansion consists mostly of a three-storeyed main house. Because of its roof tile, it looks pretty much like a doll house, all sweet, and petite. There is a guest house that looks just the same as the main one. In front of the two buildings, there is a spacious area with pool and a large green territory. So, the whole complex looks like a very pretty toy house with a quite bright colour palette and a neat mixture of vintage and modern both in the outdoors picture and in the interior.

Probably the most wonderful thing about the house is right across it. There is a landscape installment of a waterfall. This way, once you’ve gotten out of swimming pool, you can make a step into the natural reserve in the heart of Los Angeles. It is a high wall carefully laid, so that it is safe enough to stand there.



Katy Perry’s new house is done in what is called a Mediterranean style. In fact, it very much reminds of Renaissance brought into our present-day life. While rich and full-coloured objects dominate the space, there is always a slight touch of lightness inside, probably created with contemporary designer ideas. There are so many classically-looking decor units that the house could be accidentally taken for a museum or a gallery.


The Details of the Interior

The most noticeable items are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. One of those is hanging over a long rectangular table. It is quite possibly fit for recreating one of these paintings displaying the Last Supper. Curiously enough, the painting on the wall is not the one mentioned. Some parts of her mansion look like cathedral rooms with murals on the ceilings and the touch of Renaissance-like riches. In certain spaces, the composition is completed by chairs with carved backs and table with curved table-legs. Surely, classic paintings are present – the ever-living portraits, landscapes, and still life paintings, all in gorgeous frames.

In the Park Hill mansion, every room has something golden, brown, dimmed, and something that looks like it is aged. Katy Perry seems to be in love with diverse types and shapes of carpets which were used to decorate her manor. On the walls, the role of carpets has been given to goblins.

General impression is such that Katy Perry, the pop icon, lives in a palace like a princess. The manor is decorated with anything possible – from carpets and goblins to chandeliers. Despite the vast quantity of different items of decor, the house looks like a great place to be.

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