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Jay-Z and Beyoncé Home: Some Luxury Won’t Hurt Even the Designer

Jay-Z and Beyoncé Home: Some Luxury Won’t Hurt Even the Designer

A mansion of 23 hundred square feet in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, is a place for superstars like Jay-Z and Beyoncé. They seem pretty determined in their choice of a new home, as they were ready to pay the starting price of 70 million USD. The house is located almost in the heart of California’s biggest city, with Malibu Beach right outside. Let’s take a closer look at it from the outside and from the inside.


The Outside

The house has only one floor, but it doesn’t minimize the fact that the living space is of enormous size. You can take a helicopter flight (in case if you are a journalist from the popular media) and see a large living room with glass walls out looking a gigantic swimming pool. The house is flat at the top, but its front side along with the pool has a shape of a beautiful curve. Combined with rectangular forms, this curvy part forms a very picturesque composition.

Also, from the front side, you can see two outdoor sitting areas with cushioned chairs and rain protection. As you know, the City of Angels is known for the ever-wonderful weather, and such terraces are a must if you want to save yourself from the heat.

Although the house looks perfectly flat, it is more of an illusion. Like in an iceberg, it’s just a visible top. There is an underground parking space where Jay-Z, it seems, plans on keeping all his fancy cars that you can see from time to time in his music videos.


The Inside

Stone walls, white geometric columns serving as support for the roof, beige and milk floors, infinitely stylish leather furniture, different types of hanging lamps, and lots of other details make the mansion understandably desirable by anybody. The huge dwelling has a master bedroom with two walk-in closets – one for the gentleman, and the other for the lady. There was a joke in the media that this bedroom alone is larger than most of the US homes. A master bathroom is a treat to an eye as well featuring a spacious bath and a glass shower. Both the bedroom and the bathroom have one of the walls overlooking the manor grounds and the city. In case the couple decides to invite some guests over, there are seven more bedrooms and 14 more bathrooms in the house, so everybody is going to have a room of their own.


The Hidden

The house has its secrets. In spite of an impression that it’s not that big, the mansion offers some additional space for all kinds of needs and entertainments. First of all, there is a movie theater which looks just like an ordinary one, but it fit only for a moderate company. All the rest, such as a huge screen, profound sound system, and comfortable chairs are on their place. There are even pop corn holders in the chairs!
There is a real wine cellar with a huge collection of wines and a real bar with bar stools and a range of drinks to enjoy. Next to the bar, there is a men’s lounge adjacent to the parking space. It offers an area with a few table games, but the fanciest toys out there are the collectible cars which can serve as elements of decor on their own.

This luxurious home, a fancy of Jay-Z and his wife, seems like a dream for any modern couple. It has lots of space and potential, mainly due to its hidden areas which can be used for any type of activity: parties, official dinners, business meetings, and family time. While the price is crazy, one can argue if this palace is not worth it.

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