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Interior decorating tips from Martha Stewart we just adore: Why Martha will always be the home goddess

Interior decorating tips from Martha Stewart we just adore: Why Martha will always be the home goddess

Many a times a young girl trying to find her feet in the world, and firmly planting them on family and household terra firma, has found her main source of inspiration apart from her family: Martha Stewart. Whether it’s cooking, needlework, sewing projects, entertaining, baking, Martha has a firm grip on what is needed to make a house a home. Looking beyond her run in with the law, we salute a pioneer in the DIY world of mommies and wives the world over. Martha proved that we have the capabilities of balancing our daily lives with flair, and enjoy it while we’re at it. We honour the great Martha today by looking at a few of our favourite design tips inspired by her many shows and books.


Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and textures

Our first fatal error in terms of design is probably our inability to get balance right. We either only have one colour, texture or pattern visible throughout the space. You may achieve the look you want; however, it may resemble a hospital waiting room. Having too many patterns however puts in into a 1980’s motel. Neither of which is desirable. By adding a few subtle touches like textures and colours, we can achieve a well-balanced space that exudes depth.


Industrial chick need not be garish

Being afraid to explore with steel piping and plywood need not take over your space like a 90’s studio apartment, however, by adding a subtle hint of industrialism it instantly modernizes your space. Not only does it add that tiny it of sophistication and creativity, it also invites hubby back into your space by adding a touch of masculinity. Finishing this off with Plants, books and a few decorating items and you house has suddenly fast forwarded into a new era.


Optimal use of space without crowding

Using every inch of your home to its full potential does not necessarily mean overcrowding it. By lowering a shelf and adding a mirror, you have a stylish and small console. The bulkier counterparts may just crow the space. Don’t be afraid of using things for something they weren’t necessarily intended for. By using a shelf instead, you run the risk over overcrowding it though, thus ensure that there is suitable storage nearby.


Modifying furniture

It has happened to the best of us. You walk into a yard sale or a department store, and you see the furniture item you must have, but you just don’t have the space for it. By modifying it, not only are you creating space, you’re also adding your own personal style.  An example would include seeing a bookshelf that is used to serve as a room divider, however, when you have guests over, it needs to be moved around to create space. A great way of dealing with this is by adding castors or having a track installed.

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