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Interior and exterior design taboos the rich and famous teach us

Interior and exterior design taboos the rich and famous teach us

For some reason, if a celebrity does something, the entire world cottons on and either wants it or buys it. Some celebrities take it a step too far though, and we wonder whether too much money has something to do with it. Perhaps it’s not the celebrity themselves to blame, perhaps it is Hollywood itself. We have a look at all aspects of this phenomenon. Whether it’s opulent, garish, unfinished or just downright ugly, we have a look at them, big and small. Considering whether you would do the same if you had millions at your disposal is something worth thinking about. Hopefully no designers were involved where the decisions were made here; it may just blemish their portfolios.


A bar in every room

Thank you Britney Spears for not only entertaining us during the 90’s, but also over-customizing your house. When you’re rolling in the cash, it’s easy to understand why Britney necessitated the need to have a fully stocked bar in every room. Let’s hope this design fad skipped the children’s rooms. Opulence and splurging is obviously not something Britney shies away from.


Gift wrapping anyone?

Thinking adding a walk-in closet to your home is a bit over the top? How about having a room in your home solely dedicated to wrapping gifts. Hard to believe that there are people who wrap so many gift that they have an entire room for it, but it’s true. This weird wonder is found in the late Aaron Spelling’s elaborate and colossal mansion in Los Angeles.


Ferocious Faux Fur

Having an incredible vocal range and tons of cash, doesn’t necessarily mean you instantly purchase style as well. Celine Dion may be an incredible vocalist, however, the faux fur and mirror mix of her expansive estate may leave you with more than a fur ball and a nightmare or two. The décor style resembles a mixture of hunter’s cabin and high profile gym. An odd combination, but then, we don’t have to live there.


Seemingly unfinished finishes

Almost too afraid to write this, as Chuck Norris is the only person on the planet who eats unicorns, stepping into his abode almost drives you to frustration and tears. All those millions and they’re spent on a few garish finishes like a gold framed TV, gold framed mirrors and personal memorabilia. The interior design feels somewhat bland and garish at the same time, however, we dare not tell him. After all, Chuck Norris makes cowboys cry.


Forrest Gump marries The Office

A strange union, however, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson spent a gazillion pounds on a home that doesn’t even look like a home. Apart from having a pool outside, had this picture been posted on the web randomly, it would not even have gotten a second glance as the resemblance to an office block is uncanny.

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