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George Clooney Home: Living the American Way in the Favourite Mansion

George Clooney Home: Living the American Way in the Favourite Mansion

George Clooney lives in Studio City, California, and his house in the woods is one of the most modest ones among the celebrities, especially of such level. His mansion costs ‘only’ around $3 million. Compared to Jay-Z appetites, this is almost ascetic of Mr Clooney.

If you look at the house from above, you will know immediately that a man lives there. A rare woman, especially if she is famous, will want to live in the forest surrounded by trees. And this particular place is one of those. Clooney confessed that he lived in a rather small house by the time of making season three of the ER series. When the actor became popular because of the show, he was able to get himself a bigger place, such as this mansion with a basketball court and a pool.


A Burrow

What immediately catches the eye is that, although the house looks enormous from the above, it feels more like a burrow inside. First of all, there aren’t any high ceilings in the mansion. On the contrary, they are low as compared to other stars’ homes. There is also a feeling that the place has not much room. Secondly, everything in the house looks as if a modest person lived there collecting personal belongings all his life. There are lots of cabinets, shelves, and other furniture units containing books and various memorabilia. For example, George Clooney’s walls are covered with framed photos. In one of his interviews, he told a story of John Kennedy memorabilia collectors who were getting rid of it and gave some of the precious items to George. That’s not all about the US presidents: the actor has a photo of him with the current president, Barack Obama, signed by the latter.


The American Way

It’s not just about the presidents – Clooney seems proud to be an American. Everything about his mansion speaks of it: from the house in the woods to the basketball court in the yard, from a popcorn-making machine to the general look of the house interior. It is indeed an ordinary American family home (although inhabited by just one man) with a pretty standard kitchen and an adjacent dining area, quite common type of furniture, and many other things which do not stand out much.

The general feeling of the place is, however, really good. The house is owned and lived in, and this is the best thing which might happen to a dwelling. Moreover, many great surprises are waiting: wine cellar, an indoors bar and an outdoors bar with a large sitting area, and, of course, a mini cinema! All this suggests an introvert, but very friendly, person.

Unlike most celebrities, George Clooney is faithful to the concept of home, which makes him a special host. His mansion doesn’t demonstrate much of design, but rather the atmosphere of home sweet home. Instead of being artsy and chic, this place is a great example of a house that has a soul.

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