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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Home: The Thousand Oaks Ranch

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Home: The Thousand Oaks Ranch

One of the most beautiful and most interesting places to live belonged last year to Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia de Rossi. The house was sold in fall last year for about $11 million, which is not that a big price for a celebrity home with such charm as this one’s. Its specialty is that it’s more of a ranch which looks like a luxurious hotel for firefighters.


Introducing Thousand Oaks

The house is called Thousand Oaks, and it is located in California. Once it belonged to a TV talk show host, and she must have had a great time living there with her partner. Among the facilities which the mansion had, there were stables, a barn, a total of eight cabins, and even a pavilion for yoga trainings. All in all, the house looked (and, hopefully, looks now) more like a country resort than a dwelling of a couple of celebrities.

First of all, the interior of Thousand Oaks, just as the name suggests, is wooden. All the decor items look like DIY items crafted by gifted countrymen. A special charm is created by the triangular roof which is high above the floor. On the one hand, everything is cozy and extremely homely, and on the other, the rooms feel overly spacious. The latter can easily grant a creative person some long-awaited inspiration by lifting her thoughts high up to the stars, which, it seems, she can observe when climbing to the attic.


Getting into Details

There is a vintage piano in the living room. The room itself is white with a metal lamp hanging from the ceiling and a wooden table with chairs in the center. The space is decorated with various household items one might find when travelling across the country or visiting an expensive design studio. Most walls are decorated with vintage-style paintings, either portraits or illustrations like the ones from farmers’ books. While other rooms might feature a fireplace and logs implemented in the wall compositions, fancy wood, stone, metal, and leather are dominant materials here.


Everything speaks simplicity and carefully thought-through design

The bathroom is one of the most interesting places in the entire house. It can say everything about the mansion that one needs to know. A marble tub is located next to the window to create a romantic atmosphere. Wooden floor with wooden chairs and a wooden bathroom cabinet with a sink are neatly incorporated with the entire composition. It would look incredibly beautiful both in the daylight and in the candle light.

The house has lots of eye-catching and attention-grabbing items, such as a worn-out leather couch in one of the living areas, numerous bookshelves and stands, soft plaids decorating the armchairs, wired lamp stems, and many others. Both richness and simplicity of the inside perfectly matches the yard where the most amazing crooked tree stands surrounded by benches and chairs for those who want to sit while uniting with nature. If you like spending a lot of time in the fresh air or miss wilderness, this kind of design will be a perfect solution for a home of your own.

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