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Design mania: 7 Films that made us all desire a home just like the one in our favorite film

Design mania: 7 Films that made us all desire a home just like the one in our favorite film

We’ve all been inspired by a film in certain aspects, however, when it’s a design aspect we tend to leave it on the back burner for the fear of seeming foolish. Here are seven films that stirred up the designer in us all, and quite possibly ended up costing more than the movie ticket.


1.    Patrick Swayze’s cabin in Dirty Dancing

Love it or hate it, after the film almost every woman wanted a cabin in the woods with furnishings as Spartan as they get. A few good furniture pieces with those wooden floors and shabby looking bed inspired the artist within most girls. Suddenly the prim and neat as a pin look we were going for fell by the wayside.

2.    Hugh Grant’s townhouse in Notting Hill

Having a blue door certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, however, after the success of Notting Hill this design aspect was no longer a far off concept, and soon they were popping up like weeds. The fad died away as well though, but the freedom in painting your door was probably worth being a sucker for a fad.

3.    The Bennett home in Pride and Prejudice

Love or hate the shabby chic look, this film marvellously displayed the effect of it and left the most romantic girls reeling over the design aspect. The outdoor swing, farm feel and rich fabrics and raw woods surely played their part. Oh, the love of this film may also include a love of the infamous Mr Darcy.

4.    Demi Moore’s apartment in Ghost

Yet another Patrick Swayze classic, yet for a different reason. Had that apartment been available today, decades later, it would need very little updating as the art deco mix in this apartment is incredible. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly worth mentioning.

5.    The Banks’ home in Father of the Bride

Picket fence perfect, the dainty details in this film made ladies rush out to buy biggie best furniture and had their husbands installing or maintaining picket fences. Also ensuring that the garden was up to scratch was a big plus. A few bonus points if your garden included pansies and a basketball hoop.

6.    Juliette Binoche in Chocolate

The simplicity of the apartment portion, the wild garden and the expansive kitchen. Not only did this simple life approach have everyone looking for a shop cum apartment in their town, but more than likely had a few business plans drawn up for a chocolates. Johnny Depp may also have something to do with it.

7.    Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai

If Japanese simplicity is something you desire and aspire to, this film captures these beautiful homes. The simple elegance and clutter free spaces have the tendency to leave you feeling clutter free personally. Combined with the beauty of the surrounding mountains, a holiday home in Japan is no longer a foreign idea.

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