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Defying the status quo: celebrities who add a touch of weirdness to their homes

Defying the status quo: celebrities who add a touch of weirdness to their homes

If you grew up in the 80’s, you were more than likely exposed to the phenomenon which is Richie Rich. Richie Rich’s mansion depicted what most children wanted in their dream homes, and it’s no small wonder that some of the rich and famous have lived up to childhood fantasies. Whether you are a billionaire tycoon or a world renowned actress, defying the status quo is not an issue where these celebrities are concerned.


Opulence a la Donald Trump

When you’re a billionaire tycoon and you had a say in the design of your house, is it any wonder that a 29 foot marble dining room table is featured on the list of most haves for this celebrity home? Add to that 3 bomb shelters and a 20 000 square foot ballroom table and you’re well on your way to becoming the world’s strangest billionaire tycoon.

Bordello Abode for Lenny Kravitz

The American rock star, known for his incredible guitar tone and sultry rock and roll music, is probably not well known for his bordello type home. Some fans may find it a bit garish. This however, is just one aspect of the talented Mr Kravitz. Displaying quite design flair in incorporating some and wonderful creations as part of his inspiration, Mr Kravitz cannot be faulted for lacking imagination. Bold colours, contrasted by start glass and gloss whites; boldness sits in his back pocket.


Modest Actresses Tori and Christina

Tori spelling is probably best known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210. Also the daughter of Aaron Spelling, it’s a wonder Tori decided on a modest home for her and her family. Far from the 100 room house her father owned, Tori has a simple 3 bedroom bungalow. Another celebrity who is fondly known for her weirdness, Christina Ricci, has also decided to skip the lavish mansion route and rather opt for something a little more humble. What we learn from these two actresses: less is more.


The late Michael Jackson’s Neverland

What is a list on weird celebrity homes that doesn’t include the late Michael Jackson’s home? This property was particularly designed to be a child’s delight, and sported a fairground, movie theatre, private railway and apartments. The fairground has since been turned into a Zen garden, however, the other attractions would forever be etched into the memories of those who wanted a piece of Disney at home.


Betsey Johnson Pink Paradiso

Best known for her cartwheels after each fashion show, Betsey has taken her feminine designer eye into her private abode, and has given it a touch of pink. Perhaps more than a touch. Fun and whimsical and sometimes over the top with her designs, it comes as no surprise that her house was not spared this treatment. This designer’s home sports various pink designs and applications, and may be a bit too over the top for some. However, for the incredibly pink fans, this may just be the inspiration needed.

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