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Cosy style in modern setting for Hollywood's candle queen

Cosy style in modern setting for Hollywood's candle queen

As you might have expected, the home of candle magnate Baroness Monica von Neumann is classy, luxurious and beautiful. However, it’s the simple things that make her home welcoming and warm like the smell of home-cooked food, the flickering ambiance created by the sight of a lit candle, an orchid’s vibrant colors. By blending the classic and contemporary, the simple and the elegant, the Baroness’s home is a valid reflection of her down-to-earth nature, albeit married into aristocracy.Monica likes taking a style that is modern and adding lots of comfort with plenty of touches of romance, including fresh flower displays and loads of cuddly warmth, with accompaniments like soft rugs.


In spite of her celebrity status and Austrian noble title, Monica is from quite humble beginnings. She was born in Detroit in the state of Michigan, buts her parents raised her in Los Angeles in California. She was a dancer and model before meeting and marrying the Austrian baron, John von Neumann, in 1984.


A life transformed

After their marriage, the baron - a Volkswagen car importer - introduced Monica to one of society's the most elite circles, and with her new wealth she was able to travel extensively throughout Asia and Europe. She has lived in many glamorous locations including Cannes in the south of France and Geneva in Switzerland as well as her previous home in California's Bel Air district with husband and daughter. Monica lost her husband, who was struck down by brain cancer, in 2003, and she decided a change of scenery was necessary. So she now lives in a new Hollywood home. In her House any contemporary angles are noticeably softened by a variety of accessories, including - as you might expect - lit candles as well as exotic plants and plenty of over sized pillows.

As Monica herself says before she made the changes she has, her home was conventional and pretty traditional. It had an early American-style with hardwood floors, lots of tapestries and moldings.

She had lived there for 15 years and desperately wanted a change. Her home now is much younger and hipper. After the death of her husband she felt the time was right for her to have a romantic space fit for a newly woman. She wanted it for herself and to be inviting and warm for her guests.


Home is in the Californian hills

The house is located in West Hollywood surrounded by California's hills, and is now far from traditional. She is enjoying the refreshing change from the sort of place it used to be. The design is modern and boats many features that are unique, including contemporary woodwork and a fancy bath in the middle of her bedroom. There is also a very comfortable Zen bed in the kitchen!.


It is surprising that Monica has been able to create, with her expertise as an interior designer, such a romantic and cozy sanctuary in spite of the home’s sometimes ruthlessly modern and whimsical features.

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