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Celebrity home interiors: a few simple tricks to make your home look like a fashion lay-out for a glossy magazine in under an hour

Celebrity home interiors: a few simple tricks to make your home look like a fashion lay-out for a glossy magazine in under an hour

It is incredible how much can be done to a home to give it a lift, however, what if you only have an hour in which to do so? Imagine you’re lounging at home, playing your son’s Xbox while he’s at school, when suddenly the phone rings. Your sister and her new husband is passing through town and will be at your house this evening for dinner. You’ve always loved her style, and suddenly, you’re stressed that this sibling rivalry is not something you’re going to be good enough to compete in. You head off to the shops, but what to buy? You pull out your phone and google celebrity homes. With a few nice touches your space can go from soccer mom disarray to film star glamor.


What to buy?

When you have a look at celebrity homes, very rarely do you see clutter. Instead every item has a specific space, as if the space is made for it. With this in mind, your purchases should be bought specifically for a spot. Grouping your collections together could add a new flair, or keeping within the same color scheme can really add a nice touch. Bear in mind though, the purchase needs to reflect your personal style and flair. You can pull any look off if you have the confidence to do so. Purchasing a few vases or pottery pieces can add a nice touch to your space. Mirrors have a nice way of creating the illusion that a space is lighter and bigger. Carpets have a tendency to pull pieces together. A portrait takes the eye off the ground, and is thus a good way of focusing the eye a bit higher than eye level. Lamps add a nice ambiance to a room, and candles tend to deepen the ambiance. Family photos grouped together instantly add a focus area. An area in the home that is often forgotten is the dining room. By having a proper set-up in the dining room with under plates, a proper dinner service, crystal glasses and silverware, even the drabbest dining room can be turned into a celebrity fine dine corner. Add a few candelabras and some flowers, and you’re set to entertain.


I’ve always wanted a different color

Decorating your house in under an hour can be a daunting yet fun task. A word of caution, unless you’ve planned this properly, changing the color of your interior could end up making the interior resemble a sweets packet if you’re not careful. Unless of course that’s the look you’re going for. Celebrity styles nowadays lean towards whites, soft greys, ivories, sand, beige's and nudes. Simple touches of color are then added to theses, and could also ensure the longevity of your own home. After all, unless you’re a celebrity, redecorating every month does not sit in everyone’s budget. Opt for cushions, candles, carpets and throws to add a bit of color without breaking the bank.

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