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Celebrity and interior design pairing: if you had to design a celebrities house, which style would you pair them with?

Celebrity and interior design pairing: if you had to design a celebrities house, which style would you pair them with?

Thinking of your favourite celebrity as having a life of their own is hard to believe, when it’s so easy to keep them in the favourite role you have mapped out for them. Is it the same with the design theme you would imagine them to have?


Angelina Jolie

Pairing Angelina with only design concept is like having only one thing to eat for the rest of your life. Angelina would be well suited in her Lara Croft Manor, even though her role as Maleficent slightly moves over the design aspect to something a little more whimsical and fantastical. How to incorporate this as home décor? Not an easy task, considering she would most likely have to stay in a tree house, in darkness, while her only lighting are firefly type figures. The beautiful use of dark blue, violet and purple may get old after a while. The Lara Croft Manor may not be a difficult choice, seeing as she already has a chateau in France.


Johnny Depp

From Willie Wonka’s factory to a pirate ship called the Black Pearl, the design aspect quite possibly the best suited to this weird and wonderful actor is the lonely castle up on the hill on his film Edward Scissor hands. Not only does this reflect a part of Johnny we so dearly love, but the wonderful topiary in the gardens will be a nice add on for children and grandchildren. Draughty castles and science experiments may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for this mad hatter it may just.


Jennifer Lawrence

Suburbia might just suit Jennifer as she runs along semi stalking Bradley Cooper’s character in Silver Linings but far from it, her character in American Hustle makes for an interesting match. Based in 1978, makes for an interesting design period and one that could easily lure Jennifer in. The style most of us see her in though, is as Katniss Everdeen in the ever popular Hunger Games. The first house before Katniss was a successful tribute, has that simple cottage in the middle of the forest vibe.


Matthew McConaughey

Tanned and athletic, Matthew is best suited living in a beach bungalow and surfing into the sunset. However, his rental apartment is the most memorable, as Matthew makes for a convincing attorney in A Time to Kill. Matthew has that familiar face, where he feels like he could be your neighbour or someone you know. The farm on the set of Interstellar is therefore the best suited, the design style here is handmade furniture a hundred years old.


Michael Fassbender

It’s easy to picture Michael as having a Spartan house, with Spartan wife and kids after his very successful role in 300; however, it is quite possibly his role in Jane Eyre that depicts the best suited decor style. A beautiful manor house with impeccable grounds and well-kept masonry, it is easy to believe that the actor melts into his surrounds. Add to these rich tapestries, fireplaces and beautifully kept wooden floors and it is difficult to imagine that Michael was really only born in 1977.

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