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Wood Crown Molding: A Classic Architecture

Wood Crown Molding: A Classic Architecture


 Wood is used from ages to made fixtures and things that add beauty and sense of aesthetic mind. Wood crown moulding is expensive but is most beautiful and gives a sophisticated and rich look where they are applied and used. They are easily available with different of varieties and shapes. Before these are made only by carpenters which were quite expensive but with the advent of machines they are now affordable to ordinary people.

Crowns are found back in the ancient Greeks lineage, who invented crowns which we are still using for almost 2500 years. Only material has changed from marbles and heavy stones to wood and light weight plaster and polythene. Today’s traditionalists and handy home owners use wood crown moulding in their homes to create architectural designs and to add luxury.

Uses of wood crown moulding

Wood crown moulding creates an appealing look to ceilings, pillars, kitchen cabinets, bathroom borders, at the foot of wall where floor and ceiling joins, windows, around fans, around chimneys etc. they are easily available in home appliances stores and can be purchased on-line. There is a variety of shape and sizes and of course quality of wood.


Wood crown moulding can be installed using simple steps. You can install it yourself or hire a professional. Steps include:

1.     Purchase your favourite design according to area where you need to install it.

2.     If they need cutting according to size cut them carefully using cutting tools.

3.     Now fix them in position using nails.

4.     If you need to color it you can do it after or before fixing.

Once installed, wood crown moulding adds a complete eye catching and polished look to ceilings. Wood itself brings a bright and hearty look to the viewer and one keep looking at the beauty and architecture. An ordinary home can become a master piece by using wooden crown moulding to it.


Light weight and relatively flexible DIY friendly material is available in 8 t0 12 foot lengths and installed with finishing nails. Stain grade woods ranges from about $1 to more than $10. A 7 inch high walnut wood crown is about $14.25 per linear foot, plus some $65 custom fee.


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