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Why Use Frosted Glass Spray?

Why Use Frosted Glass Spray?


Frosted Glass Spray can be found at any home improvement store: Lowes, Walmart, Home depot or specialty online stores. This spray is multipurpose but is commonly used for two reasons: decoration and privacy.  Frosting glass is something you can do yourself while obtaining a professional finish. The effect allows privacy for any room in your house and it comes in different colors.

However, the main reason people opt for glass spray is to add privacy to bathrooms. Likewise, it allows enough light to come into the room. The smooth effect should only be used indoors as exposure to external factors may destroy the effect.

There are still many other uses for frosted glass spray. It may be used on doors, cabinets, mirrors, and for decorative effects. Frosted windows give any room a modern effect. It can be used for branding purposes in stores and restaurants, where words can be added. Also, ever bumped into a sliding glass door? Well, use frosted glass spray and prevent accidents.

Nonetheless, using frosted glass spray can be quite toxic if inhaled, so always try to create proper conditions when utilizing in it. So, open windows that are not being frosted, use fans and open doors to allow fresh air inside your work area.

Frosting a window is a pretty straight forward job which requires several tools that depend on the effect and place you are adding it.  First, you need to purchase the frosted glass spray, find some old rags and use tape to prevent spraying it on wood or any type of window frame.

In order for the procedure to function, you need to clean the window thoroughly. You may use soap or window cleaning sprays, but always be certain the glass is completely clean before applying the spray.

Now you are ready to begin, so open up the can and select a nozzle setting. For horizontal spraying, the nozzle needs to use a vertical setting and for vertical spraying the opposite. The distance the nozzle need to be from the window is 25cm. Spray light coats in a smooth motion overlapping each pass. Repeats as many times as you like until you obtain the desired effect. Always allow 10 minutes between each coat and avoid touching the glass for an hour after you are done.

Maybe privacy is not what you were thinking when buying that frosted glass spray and actually want to do some decorating around your house. You can buy stencils sold at home improvement stores and personalize parts of your house. However, if you are frosting a door, it is better to remove it and do the work outside and having it lie flat on the ground. There are a million creative uses for frosted glass spray, such as: glasses, candles, bottles, vases, and so on.

 Even if you change your mind and no longer want that frosted look, it is just as easy to remove. Using window cleaning spray, a razor and a hair dryer, the frost comes right off.


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