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Sliding Frosted Glass Doors

Sliding Frosted Glass Doors



 Sliding frosted glass doors are basically considered as single units that have two panel sections, in which one panel is fixed and other slides open. Sliding frosted glass doors are type of glass window opening that gives an access to the outdoors from the rooms and let it fresh air and natural light. The other type of sliding frosted glass doors includes a pocket door that has more than one panel moving and sliding into wall pockets.

The sliding frosted glass doors are into existence from pre war days and became part of architectural design in Europe and North America. With the growing trends and following the footsteps of this innovation which was first developed in Japan, it has become an essential part of the modern design industry and it’s now considered as a part of architecture design in motel hotels shopping malls and other places in many different countries and regions.

Traditional-design Option

The traditional design of the sliding frosted glass doors are based on two panels. In which one is fixed and one moves to slide open. The panel of glass which is moveable is a rectangular framed window of glass that moves parallel to its neighboring panel sheet of glass which is fixed. The stirring panel is allowed to move on a fixed track usually in its own plane as with its neighboring fixed panel. Japanese are considered to be pioneers of this innovation; they created sliding frosted glass doors under the design of specialty form of ‘shoji’ and “fusuma” panel doors, which were later used in contemporary and themed restaurants and other places.

Uses of the Sliding Frosted Glass Doors

In some regions these doors are called “partio doors”. There are numerous reasons to opt for installing sliding frosted glass doors, they are mainly used as the entrance for balconies so you may have access to broader view of outside, they can be used to let in fresh air and natural light without turning the atmosphere to be gloomy. And for more extensive purposes they are used as partition between interior rooms of a house. They are often used in offices and universities or automobile sales area as to give a sound proof environment yet giving an access to clear view of outside to look over the activities.

Fabrication of Sliding Frosted Glass Doors

The frames into which frosted glass doors are fitted are generally made up of wood aluminum stainless steel or steel. The most useable material obtained for it is PVR plastic.

·  Glazing

The manufacturer can implement different designs which best fits the requirements, the glass can be externally fitted or internally fitted. To avoid sound disruptions and comply with energy conservation codes these doors are double glazed. They seldom use frosted design to give a fake look to make them the part of evolving architectural style.

·  Security

In order to prevent not permitted entry into the room these doors are accompanied with a portable security bar which is fitted Inside the room so it prevents someone if tries to slide the door when it is closed.




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