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How to Install Foam Crown Molding

How to Install Foam Crown Molding

 Foam crown molding is one of the easiest moldings available to install. All you need is caulking to attach them to the walls and ceiling. You don’t need hammers or nails for this guide. What you do need is a saw, the caulking, measuring tape and a ladder.

Step 1:

First you need to measure the whole room before buying the foam crown molding. You add up all the walls and add some 10% more for errors, cutting and waste that will occur. Now, count the outside and inner corners and write them down.

Step 2:

Visit a store where you can buy foam crown molding and buy the length of molding you need from your earlier calculations. Then buy the corners you will need.

The moldings are available at most home improvements stores or can be ordered online.

There are many different types of styles, the price will vary depending on the length you need and the style. There is also a type of molding that can allow running wires through it and even adding LED lighting to the foam crown molding.

The LED lightning can be bought as a rope and laid on top of the molding.

Step 3:

You should first paste the molding before you paint it because while you add it to your walls it might get dirty or the caulking might spread over the foam crown molding.

Cut the appropriate length for each wall. Add the caulk to the molding but not too much so when you place the molding it doesn’t overflow onto the walls or ceiling.

Step 4:

Remove any excess caulk with a cloth previously dipped in water.

Step 5:

To paint the crown molding you need to use water based paint and tape to cover the surfaces surrounding it.


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