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The Most Efficient Plumbing Leak Detection

The Most Efficient Plumbing Leak Detection

If you have a leak in your plumbing system, then that can mean only one thing: money. Instead of wasting money, it might be for the best to keep on reading this article and discover the most efficient techniques for leak detection. Sometimes, you might not be able to handle the actual repair yourself but you will still save a lot of money by identifying the leak. You might not believe it but plumbers include the finding of the leak among their paid services.

Solutions for even the smallest leaks

If you are under the suspicion that there is a leak somewhere in the plumbing system, then you need to start searching for it in a strategic manner. The first thing that you have to do is check the pressure relief valve from the hot water tank. This is a common source of leaking and most homeowners do not know about that. Leaks generally make a hissing sound, so you might want to listen for any sound coming in that area, especially if you are not able to remove the drain pipe and identify the actual leak.

Another place where you can apply your knowledge for plumbing leak detection is the toilet. The first thing that you need to do is remove the top of the toilet tank and listen for the same hissing sound. If you do hear something, then the next step will be to try and actual identify from where the sound comes from. For those of you who have had some experience with plumbing problems, you might be able to handle the repair yourselves. However, you need to assess honestly whether you can handle the repair or you need to call a plumber.

Check out more than one place

The most efficient plumbing leak detection is a thorough one. If you have more than just one toilet in the house, be sure to check all of them for hissing sounds and possible leaks. In case you are not able to identify any leaks in the toilet, be sure to move to other parts of the house. You might want to check out the line the runs from the water meter to the house. If you have shut off the water valve and the meter does not work, then you have a leak for certain and you need to locate it as soon as possible.


So, you see, identifying the source of the leak is the most essential aspect of a plumbing problem. This is because plumbing services can be expensive as they are, without adding the costs of plumbing leak detection. If you find yourself under a tight budget, then do not waste any more time and use the advice offered here in this article. Be sure to identify the leak, see whether you can repair it or not and only then call for a plumber. It will be like you would have made the diagnosis but you need the actual doctor for the treatment.

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