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The benefits of whole house water filters for your home

The benefits of whole house water filters for your home


Why filter your water supply?

A whole house water filter may seem like an extravagance to some, however water is an essential for every aspect of our lives, and ensuring that you have the very best quality of water available at all times brings many benefits. Free of contaminants and particulates, filtered water brings a benefit to your washing, cooking and provides better tasting drinking water for your everyday needs as well. If you happen to be in a hard water area it can help the performance of water softeners making them much more effective.

Your normal water supply is filled with millions of particles, made up of sand, rust and dirt, and over time these can lead to problems with your washer or dishwasher, resulting in expensive repair bills. Additionally, those same particles can even damage your clothing and cookware as well. A whole house water filter can remove these from your water supply and provide long term reduction in maintenance costs for your appliances, and ensure your clothing and dinnerware retain their good looks longer too.


If you are on a chlorinated mains pressure water supply, you will already be aware of the measures needed to combat chorine vapour, such as shower filters and so on. A filters system for your water that features a 5 micron cartridge will safely and economically remove all the chlorine from your water supply, presenting many benefits to you and your family. For those prone to allergies and skin irritations brought on by the presence of chlorine, more common than many think, it instantly removes the problem from all water use inside the property, whilst at a stroke removing the issues that can arise from chlorine vapors that can occur and aggravate asthma and bronchitis symptoms in sufferers.

The filter system

The benefits of such a system are, as we can, see, varied and impacts every aspect of life, and equipping your home with one can be a very attractive proposition for many people. The whole house water filter system itself is not something you can fit yourself though, rather they must be installed by a licensed plumber. In addition, once installed there is an ongoing cost, with the filter cartridges needing replacing every four to six months to keep optimum performance of the filter system.

These whole house water filter systems can be found in several different types, although most use a three stage system of filtration, and being a reasonably large appliance do require adequate space to be found for the installation. In a three stage water filter system, the water first settles in a sediment tank that removes the larger particles, and then passes through a filter, usually carbon today, which removes contaminants and finally a metallic filter to remove the chlorine. Because this is carried out on the water supply itself, all water inside your house is treated by the whole house water filter and provides clean, pure water throughout your home.


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