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Finding the best kitchen sink for you when remodeling your home

Finding the best kitchen sink for you when remodeling your home


Kitchen design

The kitchen is the heart of most people’s homes, and when it comes time to remodel, getting the choices right is vital, and that includes the humble kitchen sink. There is a wide choice on the market now, with a variety of materials, and this can make choosing the right one problematic.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right kitchen sink, with the obvious choice of colors and size mainly choices that fit in with the rest of the kitchen as it is remodeled. However there are choices when it comes to material that effects which is the right kitchen sink for your home, and here the choice can really effect how your sink can be used.

Material Choices

The first option for kitchen sink material is the range of composites that are now available. They are color molded and so retain the chosen color throughout their life, fitting into any color scheme well they are perfect for complimenting whatever décor you have in mind. However, there are downsides, the most common issue with these composite products is the low heat resistance. This can be an issue that is worked around, but taking a hot pan off the stove and placing it on the drainer can cause damage to these types of kitchen sinks, and this should be considered.

The second option are the traditional porcelain type sinks, which are usually a base of cast iron with a porcelain coating. These look great in many styles of kitchen, although tend to be restricted to a simple white color, they are hardwearing and as long as care is taken with the surface, remain good looking for a long time. However, if the porcelain is cracked or chipped, this can cause deterioration in the finish quite rapidly, and whilst these sinks offer good heat resistance, care must be taken with impact damage.

The third option is stainless steel. These cover a wide range of budgets and as a consequence a similarly wide range of quality. Despite this though, the basic material’s strength shines in all of these kitchen sinks, it does not rust, is extremely heat resistant, doesn’t stain or chip, and remains good looking throughout its life. They are, however, usually available in the single natural color, which can be a downside for some, although it does tend to blend well with most styles of kitchen décor. The other aspect of the stainless steel kitchen sink to consider is the material itself, with the heavier (thicker) versions being longer lasting and more robust in general, it is often useful to seek out these over the lighter weight versions, the additional cost is often worth it.

The best?

 As we can see, there is quite a choice when it comes to picking the right kind of sink, and much depends on the aesthetics as much as anything. As long as you take the limitations of the various materials into consideration when making a choice, finding the right kitchen sink for your home will be a straightforward process.


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