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Lighting Ideas for Kids Room

Lighting Ideas for Kids Room

Lighting, despite being one of the most overlooked factors in a home, is probably the best representation of visual appeal in a given area. This becomes even more so important in kids rooms, where lighting plays a vital role in setting up the mood. As kids rooms are multifunctional spaces, lighting can define a style and create a mood all at the same time. However, babies and infants are more adventurous and tend to roam around a lot. They can easily pull lamps over so safety remains a big concern. While lamps are generally found in kids’ rooms, parents have to be aware of the potential safety hazards. If you’re wondering what lighting you should incorporate in your little angel’s room, here are a few ideas that can help you.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting creates a pleasant grow in an area. Compared to dim lighting, ambient lighting generally scatters over a room and highlights the key features in it. Nightlights and overhead fixtures work great for ambient lighting. In fact, a nightlight comes as a source of comfort to younger children when they are ready to tuck in their pillows. While floor lamps create a similar ambience, they don’t really work well in kids’ rooms. However, using old petal shaped ceiling fixtures close to the glider can work well. LED lights are also great and can be installed easily in crawlspaces and along the walls. However, make sure that LED lights are away from the reach of your children.

Task Lighting

As your kids grow up and enter school, they will be doing their reading and home assignments accordingly. For this, reading lights and desk lamps can work well. There are desk lamps available for children that sport a larger base and have fun looking colors and shapes incorporated on them. Then there are miniature lamps that can be placed just about anywhere to give your children a ray of light in the dark. Our best bet is to get plastic reading lamps for your kids, as they not only look great, but are unbreakable as well.

Accent Lighting

Even room has ambient and task lighting, and accent lighting is there for the icing on the cake. Accent lighting works great in homes that have a theme or décor. For children’s room, recessed ceiling fixtures are great to brightly light up the space. Recessed accent lightings are great for your kids’ room as they are safer from ceiling and wall fixtures that can be easily hit by a ball when your kids are playing. While there is a wide variety in accent lighting available, it is best to first address the age of your children. For instance, if your children are too young, then you can install recessed accent lighting fixtures of any shape or style. However, if they are in the age where they go to school, then you should consider plastic accent lighting fixtures to make sure your children remain safe while carrying out their shenanigans in their room.



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