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Using Indoor Plants to Enhance Your Interior Decor

Using Indoor Plants to Enhance Your Interior Decor

You have bought rugs, carpets, have had an interior designer assist you with shelving and so on. You have had the walls painted your most ideal colors, but you still feel as if something is missing. Indoor plants not only beautify a home, but they also purify the air. Today, you can add a dash of nature into your home with popular plants such as ferns, snake plant, spider plant, golden vine, succulents and dracaena. While some indoor plants are sturdier as compared to others, every indoor plant has a unique look. In addition, these plants are a great way to enhance your space. With such a wide variety to choose from such as large potted plants to the famous air plants that are evident in most homes. Browse through a wide range of green images and see what works for you. Make room for indoor bushes and sprigs. 

Buying right

Before going to the flower garden to buy indoor plants, strategies on the space in your home. Where do you want to place the plant? Note that indoor plants with large and dark leaves will do better in the shade while plants with palms and variegated foliage prefer more light. Another important factor to consider is the rate at which the plant grows. Some bamboo species are quite redundant, as they remain at the same size for a couple of years. On the other hand, the Swiss cheese and the sentry palm are vigorous plants that grow fast in a matter of years when exposed to ideal conditions. 


How you place your plant also determines its growth. When you place your plant at a focal point, you automatically draw attention to a specific part of the house. The focal point provides a leafy contrast in different points of your home. Go for a plant pot that matches your interior décor and one that will not be an obstacle in the room. 

Most homeowners want to create that summertime ambience in their homes and there is no better way to do that than using potted plants. Plants tend to add color and texture to any room. In order to create that appealing and breathtaking statement, get rid of broken flowerpots and invest in fancy ones. Alternatively, you could get vintage flowerpots for a more authentic look.


Once you decide to go all flowery in your home, ensure that you arrange the flowerpots in strategic places to make a design statement. Place them in angles where they are bound to enhance warmth and bring out an elaborate effect in your home. For a more organized arrangement, set the smaller plants on the front row and the larger ones behind. If you intend to create a lengthy illusion in your room, you might opt for tall floor plants. Indoor plants magically transform your home from drab looking to cozy. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of plants that thrive in shady environments. 

Very few things can match up to the cheerful nature of a bunch of fresh buds in a vase. Place a large and decorated flower vase on your coffee table or on the kitchen counter. Let your creativity flow and see your home or office transform from “just ok” looking to magnificent. Use colored vases to enhance the beauty of your indoor plants.

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