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Tips on interior design of a child’s room

Tips on interior design of a child’s room

Designing and decorating a child’s bedroom needs one to put a few factors into consideration. The first is whether the child will like the interior design of the room considering that children have different tastes. The other one is ensuring that you use high quality furniture while considering the space available. Below are tips, which can help you to design the best bedroom for a child.


Set out how much you intend to spend on the bedroom. This will determine how far you will go with the interior design. Whether you will buy designer furniture, or you will look for inexpensive furniture of high quality.

Decide on the theme of the room

Children love decorations in their rooms. Decide the theme that the room should be decorated. Seek for the input of the child on what they would like the room to look like. This will make it easier for the child to like the room once it is complete. Some of the themes include a tree house, caravan, pirates, princess themes among others. The theme will determine the colors that you will use in the room and the type of furniture.

Determine the storage space needed

For a small room, you may have to use furniture available to double up as storage space, especially if children will be sharing rooms. You can use beds that have drawers for storage of clothes and desks that also have storage for books.

Involve the child

The child’s opinion on the design of the room is important. Ask the child to input ideas on how they would like their rooms to look like. The child will spend most time in the room and therefore, their preference should be respected.

Paint the room

The greatest determinant of the paint to use is the selected theme of the room. On the other hand, neutral colors such as white, cream and grey work well with the rooms. You can use complementing colors on the accessories to make the room beautiful. Instead of painting the room, you can opt to use wallpaper.

Get the furniture

The child’s room will need furniture such as a bed and a desk. Make sure you buy high quality furniture that is made of durable materials. This is because children have a tendency of being active and may damage furniture that is of low quality. Make sure that the furniture is safe for the child. For instance, the bed should not break if the child jumps on it. Ensure that the furniture does not have sharp corners that can hurt the child.

Arrange the furniture

Once you have the furniture, arrange it in the room and leave enough space for the child to play. Make the furniture easy to reach for the child, especially the storage spaces for clothes and toys. This will make it easy for the child to store their things once they are through using them and to retrieve them when they need them.

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