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Terrazzo Counter Tops for your Kitchen

Terrazzo Counter Tops for your Kitchen

The kitchen is considered one of the most important spaces in a home and the finishing to the various surfaces is normally given great consideration prior to being installed. It is about safety, food storage and the usability of the space. 

Terrazzo counter tops are slowly gaining popularity as the choice kitchen counter tops and the reason behind this could be due to the fact that they are very attractive, last awfully long and they can be customized to suit the home owner’s preferences. The latter is the main reason why one terrazzo countertop may be completely unique when compared to another of its kind. 

Terrazzo is essentially just marble chips cast into slab. With current trends though and as more and more people try to adopt green architecture, the marble chips have been replaced with recycled glass chips. The glass chips are gotten from postindustrial recycled waste that is derived from glass manufacturers; as well as from postconsumer glass (for example, windshields and bottles).

The chips used in the terrazzo counter tops, regardless of whether it is made of marble or glass chips, these are what give terrazzo its characteristic signature look. When light falls on a terrazzo surface, it is reflected multiple times off the chips and it gives the surface a shiny smooth appearance that is very appealing to the eyes.

It is even for this reason that terrazzo counter tops used in the kitchen should be placed with consideration given to the orientation of the room. Make sure that the countertops gets to have some sunshine at some point of the day; for the full terrazzo effect to be achieved. 

Besides differences in the composition of the terrazzo in itself, there are also differences in the materials used in between the marble or glass chips. One variety of terrazzo uses cement, which feels like stone. Considering that cement is porous, this kind of counter tops has the disadvantage of staining. The other variety is the kind that uses resin to bind the glass or mare chips. These are made from a petrochemical material and are resistant to staining.

Terrazzo is not a choice countertop material for just any home owner though. They tend to be a tad more expensive and so are more reserved for those who are averagely wealthy or can afford to install the terrazzo countertop. 

The lifespan of the material makes up for its cost though. Terrazzo countertops are very long-lasting and throughout their lifetime, they would require very little maintenance. Cleaning them is also very easy because the surface of the countertop is covered with a sealant to make the surface smooth and prevent staining by food or liquids. They are also very strong and do not chip or break easily. Therefore, when you invest in a terrazzo kitchen countertop, you can trust that it will last you a very long time and will be well worth your money. 

To further enhance the appearance of a terrazzo counter top, one may use different edging styles and design for the backsplash. Whichever edging style you decide to go for will always depend on the thickness of your slab. Very thick slabs are a little harder to work on, whereas very thin slabs will not accommodate the more intricate edging designs.

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