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Interior design tips on remodeling a bathroom on a budget

Interior design tips on remodeling a bathroom on a budget

A bathroom is a place of relaxing especially when taking those hot baths. Just like any other parts of the house, with time it gets old and worn out and may need to be remodeled. It could be that you want the fresh look in your bathroom, or you could be buying or selling your home. You could also be an interior designer with a bathroom-remodeling project and you would like to know how it could be done on a budget. Below are tips for remodeling a bathroom while watching the budget.

Check and fix the bathroom floor

If the floor is made of tiles, missing and cracked tiles give the bathroom a bad appearance. Check the tiles that need replacement and fix them. If you are not an expert in fixing tiles, it may only take a while to learn and with practice, it becomes easier. You may also decide to change all the tiles and use a different color, and therefore, giving a new life to the bathroom. If the floor is made of wood, sanding and adding varnish could be all that is needed to make it as good as new. If it is made of linoleum, which is worn out, you should remove it and depending on your taste, use vinyl tiles or use the wooden floor left.

Work on the walls

The walls also determine the overall look of the bathroom. Peeling and dirty walls are a bad sight, which means that the bathroom should have a new coat. Before you start repainting, make sure that you remove all the old paint that is flaked and dirty by sanding and cleaning. The walls should be dry and not damp when you are painting. Cover the edges of the areas that will not be painted using a masking tape. Furnishings, the shower, sink and other items in the bathroom should be covered to prevent paint from splashing to them.
Paint the bathroom using neutral colors such as cream, white or beige and accessorize with other colors. To highlight some areas such as cabinets and windowsills, you may use contrasting colors. Rugs, curtains and towels can be used to add other colors to the bathroom.


Check the wood cabinets for broken parts and dents. Repair the broken parts by nailing and screwing back the loose parts. Fill the dents with wood putty. After doing all the repairs, sand the cabinets for painting or staining. Paint the cabinets with a complementing color to the walls.

Replace fixtures fabrics

Replacing handles, light fixtures and towel racks in the bathroom can give it a new look. For instance, after repainting the cabinet and changing its handles, it can look like a new replacement and improve the bathroom look. New towels, rugs, shower and window curtains can change the look of the bathroom. Have them in coordinating colors to complement the walls and the floor of the bathroom.

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