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How to interior design a basement apartment

How to interior design a basement apartment

Living in the basement apartment may be the only option available in the city because the apartments are affordable and close to the city. The only problems they have are in their size because they are small, and lack of natural lighting. This does not mean that they should be left gloomy. You can do interior design on them and they can look as good as any other room. Below are some tips that you can use to make the apartments appealing, whether it is your apartment, or you are an interior designer.


The apartments do not have enough natural lighting and therefore, need to be lit using artificial lighting. Place these sources of light on all areas of the apartment for enough lighting. Make use of lamps with softer lighting instead of using overhead lighting that is harsh. Too much light makes a room seem smaller. Locate lamps in the apartment depending on light needed and size of the lamp. Floor lamps can be used in corners that have brighter bulbs while areas with dim bulbs can have smaller lamps. If the apartment has windows, keep the curtains and blinds open during the day for natural light to get in.

Colors to use

Bright colors are more appropriate for a basement apartment. Paint the walls in bright colors such as brown and green and use lighter colors on furnishings to complement. You can use different colors for different spaces. For instance, the bedroom can be painted blue and the kitchen area cream. This is especially necessary if it is one non-subdivided room. Use color in the apartment on accessories, furnishings, curtains, rugs and walls to achieve the desired effect. You can have rugs that have contrasting colors with the walls or with the carpet such as a red rug on a white floor. Dark curtains with a light wall can create a good effect on the apartment. To reflect the colors and make the apartment seem bigger, include mirrors in your decorations.

Placing the furniture

Most likely, the apartment may consist of one large room instead of different rooms. It may not be as large as other apartments and may therefore not accommodate as much furniture. Before moving in, measure the space to determine the furniture you will need. If the furniture you have is too big, think of getting new ones that are smaller. To save on space, use furniture with many uses such as a bed that has drawers for storing clothes or ottomans with storage space. Do not clutter the room with furniture everywhere. Leave some empty spaces. If there is extra furniture that cannot fit in the apartment, look for somewhere to store it. By using the appropriate color in the apartment, providing enough lighting, using suitable furnishings, and arranging them well, you can make your basement apartment as good as any other apartment. You can overcome the limitations of lighting and space and enjoy the benefits of living close to the city at an affordable rate.

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