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How to decorate the walls of a child’s room with wall art

How to decorate the walls of a child’s room with wall art

Decorating a child’s room with wall art is a good way of personalizing it. If you are doing interior design in the room, the following tips will help you to give that child, wall art that defines the child’s taste and personality.

Decide on the kind of wall art to use

Wall art to use on the walls depends on the size and the tastes of the child. For toddlers and infants, simple shapes such as ABCs, trees and flowers can do well. Paint them in complimentary colors while avoiding neon and bright shades. Include animals while decorating for older toddlers using eye-catching colors. For older children, put the child’s interests into consideration when deciding what to paint. Some children may like sports, ballerinas and others may prefer nature.

Methods of painting

Once you are clear on what to paint, decide on how to paint it. There are various ways of painting wall art such as by use of hand, stencils or a projector.

Painting wall art by use of hands

If you are confident in your artistic skills, you may paint the wall art using hands. Start by sketching the drawing using a pencil. Apply the painters tape on areas that you will paint. This will prevent paint from getting on areas that will not be painted. Use a paint pellet to hold the paint. Acrylic paints are preferable. Using a thin brush, fill in the wall art with the paint and wait for it to dry. Paint an acrylic sealer on top, remove the tape and let the sealer dry.

Use of stencils

Get large stencils that are in line with the theme of the child’s room. Look for the ones that are used with wall paint. Use the painters tape to fix them on the wall. After pouring the paint in a tray or any other container, apply using a paint roller if you are using one color or a paintbrush if using more than one color. Wait for the paint to dry for about 24 hours and then apply acrylic paint sealer in case you have used acrylic paint. The sealer should dry before the child moves into the room.

Projection painting

Projection painting uses the help of a projector to display the image to be painted. Look for the image in print or from the Internet. If the image is from print, scan it and save it in the computer. For images from the Internet, simply save it in the computer. Get a projector by renting or buying. It is preferable to use a projector that connects to the computer. In case the projector does not connect to the computer, you will need to use a transparency paper to print the images. Project the image to the space you want to paint using the projector and then draw an outline of the image with a pencil. Paint the image using a paintbrush and acrylic paint. Once it dries, seal it with an acrylic paint sealer.

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