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Designer Tips on Furniture Arrangement for your Room

Designer Tips on Furniture Arrangement for your Room

When you find the best place for your furniture in a room then you will eliminate the need for you to move the furniture around. You want the furniture to be positioned so that the room flows, and you can do everything you need to do in the room without obstructions. One of the best things you can do is take all of the furniture out of the room and start with an empty slate. This might be difficult but having an empty space to work with will allow your creative juices to work better.

You have to create a focal point in the room. This may be the television in a family room, or it may be the fireplace, or a work of art that you own. Decide what thing in the room is the most important and focus on that object. Place that object so that the other furnishings can be positioned to face it, or surround it. Once you establish the focal point you can bring in the rest of the items one at a time.

Pick the biggest piece of furniture that has to go in the room and find a place for it. In the bedroom that would be the bed and in the living room the largest piece will likely be the sofa. Position this large piece where it faces the focal point.

You need to consider the walkways and paths that will have to be kept free in the room. You will need to be able to walk to the entrance of the room, and if there are more than one doorways in the room, you need to allow for people to be able to access those doorways with minimum effort. You do not want to create tripping hazards by making an obstacle path that people have to traverse to get to the bathroom.

Consider the purpose of the room and then use that purpose to help you define areas within the space. If you use the room for large groups to gather in and do things like play party games, watch television, and such then position the furnishings where they face each other and a large number of people can fit on them. If you have gatherings that are more likely to break into smaller groups then make small sections of two or three pieces grouped together to create these intimate areas. If the living room is used for television viewing, and for your home office and for your reading nook then you will want to create a furniture grouping large enough to hold the entire family in positions where each member can easily see the television screen. Then close to a window for the natural light set up one comfortable chair with a small table and lamp so you can curl up with a good book. Consider throwing an afghan or throw on the back of the chair, and a soft pillow propped beside the arm. Create a small office space with a desk that is set against a wall and out of the flow of traffic.

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