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Designer Tips for Removing Scuff Marks from Painted Surfaces and Floors

Designer Tips for Removing Scuff Marks from Painted Surfaces and Floors

It is very easy to get scuff marks on walls, and on hardwood floors, vinyl floors, and tile floors. These marks can happen to newly decorated homes and newly installed floors. The only real way to prevent someone from leaving a scuff on your walls or floor is to have everyone that enters the home remove their shoes, and do not let anything touch those walls. You might want to consider plastic runners on the walls to stop the scuffs from happening, you can also put down plastic runners in the heavy traffic areas of your home.

The quickest way to remove scuff marks from floors, or painted surfaces, is to take your regular toothpaste, apply a generous portion to the mark, and rub this toothpaste in using a soft clean cloth. You want the cloth to be dry not damp. Buff the scuff off of the surface with the toothpaste. If you still see the mark when you are through you can apply more toothpaste and begin again.

The makers of Mr. Clean make something called a magic eraser that is wonderful for removing these marks from painted surfaces as well as wooden surfaces, ceramic tiles, and vinyl tiles. Before you use the magic eraser on a mark on the floor, you need to thoroughly vacuum and remove all dirt and debris from the floor. If you do not you might scratch the floor by rubbing the dirt and debris into it.

You can remove these marks by applying a small amount of baking soda to a damp cloth and then vigorously rubbing the stain away. Be careful not to rub dirt particles into the surface of your floor, but the baking soda is a great cleaning agent that will not scratch surfaces so you can use it on your wood floors, your painted walls, and your ceramic tiles.

Keep a good wax coating on your hardwood floors to reduce the number of black scuff marks you receive. When you do get a black scuff mark, it will be easier to remove from a heavily waxed surface than from an un-waxed surface. Once you have removed the mark you may need to reapply your wax because the chemicals you use removing the marks may also remove the wax.

Whenever you use a scrub brush to remove scuff marks make certain that you use a soft bristled one. Scrub brushes with hard bristles can damage the surface you are cleaning by scratching it heavily. You want to avoid using any scrub brush if you can, and when you do need one try a soft bristled tooth brush because they will often remove all of the stain without scratching your surface.

Scuff marks on walls can be prevented a large portion of the time by putting chair rail on the walls to stop chair backs from making contact with them.

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