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Designer Ideas to make a Small Bathroom feel Larger

Designer Ideas to make a Small Bathroom feel Larger

There are certain elements that every bathroom must have. A sink, a place to bathe, and a toilet are the three crucial points of a bathroom. When the space you have for a bath is limited you have to make careful selections so that you get everything you need in the area without creating the sardine can effect of too many fishes in one spot.

Your bathroom sink choice can help you to save a lot of space, and create a lot of style in this room. Instead of choosing to get the wooden vanity that holds the sink you should consider a pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks come in many design styles so you can have a space that is modern and trendy, or one that is more traditional. All pedestal sinks have one thing in common, and that is the fact that they take up a lot less space than their wooden encased counterparts.

You are going to need a few shelves in a small bathroom to store things on. A small shelf near the sink will be handy for toothpaste, toiletries, and such, but you want to limit the shelves you place in this room. The more shelves you have sticking out into the limited space the smaller the room will feel. You also want to place shelves high on the wall so that they do not protrude into the space any more than is necessary.

If it is possible keep one towel, one hand towel, and one wash cloth in the room, and keep your other linens, and towels, stored in a closet, or dresser outside of the room. Small bathrooms do not have a lot of storage capabilities so you will have to look outside the room for extra storage ideas.

Choose light colors for your flooring. Light colors make a space look and feel larger while darker colors create a more intimate feeling. If your bathroom area has dark flooring on it try placing a light colored rug over it.

You want to use mirrors to help reflect the light and create the illusion of a larger space. Having plenty of mirrors in a bathroom comes in handy so you might want to hang a collection of mirrors in different size frames on the wall for decorating purposes.

Small décor items will make the room feel cluttered up. Do not fill the space with small knick-knacks, and pieces that are not necessary. In small bathrooms the fewer small accessories you have the larger your room feels.

Try using a shower curtain instead of a shower door in a small bathroom. A shower curtain can be pushed to one side leaving the entire shower open to view. When you step into the room, your eyes take in all of the shower to the back wall, but if a frosted shower door is on the front of the shower stall when you step into the room your eyes stop at the door and the room appears smaller than it is.

Your color choices and accessory choices will help your small bathroom have a style and a feel that is much larger than the room actually is. Good things can come in small packages, and it is up to you to bring your personal style to light in this small space.

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