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5 Interior Design Ideas for a Country Kitchen

5 Interior Design Ideas for a Country Kitchen

Kitchens offer great spaces to prepare, cook and share meals. It is one of the most frequented rooms in the house. Sometimes, it serves as a room for entertaining the people that we value most. Thus, its design must be very attractive and welcoming. Like any other room in your home, having a harmonized décor for your kitchen is important. It makes the room look orderly. You do not need any expertise to change the outlook of your kitchen. 

The following simple interior design ideas can give your country kitchen the look you want:

1. Painting

The first step to accentuate your kitchen space is by painting the walls. Use neutral colors for the walls. Lighting is paramount in the kitchen. You can add visual light and create an illusion of more space by painting the walls in white, beige and cream. If you want to have more color, stick to the pale shades of either blue or green. Bold colors can also work for a country kitchen style if you blend them with creatively placed accessories.

2. Cabinets!

It might not be possible to change the entire pantry or cabinets. Nevertheless, you can make them new by changing the doors of the cabinets. Alternatively, a fresh dash of paint will do the cabinets justice. To give a country look, paint the cabinets in light colors such as cream. Complete the look of the pantry, change the hardware and install decorative handles and pulls.

3. Furniture 

Choose furniture that has a touch of country, since that will go very well with your country kitchen. The traditional country kitchen will mostly have wooden tables with natural finishes. Check out rustic furniture pieces made of pine or oak. Another piece that can take your kitchen design a notch higher is a dresser. You can use it to display your pricey cutlery and dinner pieces.  In addition, hang a plate rack on the wall.

4. Use accessories

Bring in carefully selected accessories. Add anything that will complement your country kitchen. Choose window treatments with floral patterns and match them with napkins and tablecloths.  You can find these accessories at your local stores such as flea markets and the like.  While at it, search for tea and dinner sets but never worry about their shiny outlook as that is part of the beauty. Add some bright electrical accessories such as kettles and toaster, to brighten up the kitchen.

5. Plain color for wall paint

Lastly, nicely painted plain walls give any place a feeling of neatness. However, adding some pictures and mirrors to the walls will do wonders to the interior décor of your country kitchen. For best results, look for traditional style frames. To achieve the original country kitchen style, apply farm, floral and animal scenes on the walls. A decorative mirror placed adjacently to the window will reflect natural light to the rest of the space. However, you will need to clean it regularly, because of the steam generated in the kitchen.

If you have a country kitchen or you would want to create a country style for your kitchen, implementing the above simple ideas will help you to realize your dream. A few touches on the cabinets, a fresh coat of paint, a couple of antiques and wall hangings may be all you need. The ideas in this post will make your great country kitchen look even greater.

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