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What to Consider In Cabinet Design

What to Consider In Cabinet Design

For many years, cabinets have been very important additions for home storage. There are numerous options with varying shapes, sizes and colors available in the market. This can make finding a perfect cabinet daunting for any interior designer or homeowner. If you know the choices in the market and their various characteristics, you will be able to make the best choice.

To start with, doors are critical elements in a cabinetry. Cabinet doors give you access to the items and add some charm to the entire unit together with the room.  Concerning doors, there are a few options. One is the slab doors; they are often a characteristic of modern kitchens. They have a solid piece of wood with clean edges. 

Square doors are also a popular option in many residential areas. The idea of any home improvement project is to match the dwelling with the rest of the components. That is why square doors attract many people owing to their versatility. Square doors with rectangular frames blend almost with every home design, be it contemporary or traditional.

The other option is the arched doors. This design has a very beautiful touch. It is reminiscent of the square doors but has a decorative arch on the surface. Arched doors can look amazing in a country or a traditional kitchen. For those who would want to display a few items, then glass cabinet doors will be an ultimate choice. 

Another aspect of cabinet design is the finish. You can choose from a variety of finishes to suit your kind of interior décor. Maybe, you want to stain your wood with a dark or lighter shade. Alternatively, you can choose to paint the wood, from an array of color choices. For instance, if you want a glaring surface, consider using a patina finish. If you want to achieve an antique look, distress the modern cabinets using sand paper.  

Choose the knobs and the pulls for your cabinets. Hardware or accessories add charm to the cabinet. Thus, get something that will stand out without compromising on the functionality. Mostly, knobs and pulls are made from wood and metal. They also come in many designs, starting from simple to sophisticated designs. Remember that the doors will need to be opened frequently. Thus, durability is a key element in cabinet design selection.

At night, it can get difficult to access things from the cabinets. To solve this, you can install cabinet lighting. Use LED lighting on top of the cabinets to illuminate the inside. This will also create a lovely ambience in the room and particularly if you select an attractive color. Light can also be of help in cabinets with glass cabinet doors. It allows you to display your pricey items, silverware, awards, collectibles and the like.

Lastly, as you consider the cabinet design, remember the storage space. The main purpose of having a cabinetry in a home is to make more room for storage. Do you want drawers or shelves? 

Checking the cabinet design is important. It ensures that you find the most suitable storage option for a particular décor. 

Cabinets are not only storage spaces, but they also enhance the room. It is important to choose a stylish cabinet that will complement your other furnishings.

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