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Ways in Which Two Sofas Can Be Arranged In a Living Room

Ways in Which Two Sofas Can Be Arranged In a Living Room

If your living room is large enough to fit two sofas, you may be wondering how to arrange them to achieve a harmonious look. Having two sofas provides additional space needed for family time and for entertaining guests. The sofas should be arranged such that the available space is utilized to achieve your needs. Both sides of the room should also have visual weight balanced so that one side does not appear heavier. Below are some ways that you can arrange the sofas.

Face to face

For conversational purposes, arrange the sofas facing each other as they accentuate a particular focal point such as a picture window or a fireplace. For instance, the sofas could be facing each other with the open end featuring the fireplace at the center. By arranging the sofa this way, the attention is drawn to the fireplace, and the conversation’s arrangement is symmetrical. The setup can be completed by placing a large and rectangular ottoman between the two sofas, as a footrest or for snacks. In case the two sofas have different lengths, place an end table at the shorter sofa, for balance.

Back facing back

If you want to create two sitting areas that are separate, place the sofas with the backs facing each other. This works best if your living room is large, and you would like to separate it visually. Place the two sofas in the middle of the room with the backs to each other. Slightly pull them apart and place a sofa table in between. Decorate the sofa table by placing potted greenery or flowers in a tall vase at the middle. At each end of the table, place a lamp.

By arranging the sofas this way, you will get two separate sitting areas. It also ensures that there is task lighting for each sofa. To complete the sitting areas, include a coffee table and chairs.

L shape

In this arrangement, the sofas are placed adjacent to each other to create an L. for task lighting, place an end table between the two sofas with a table lamp on top. This will make it easy to access light for those who are reading or taking part in their hobbies while on the sofa. To create a U shape, you can add two armchairs or another sofa at the open end. To get a scenic view, position the open end towards a window.

Other arrangement tips

An area rug placed between two sofas can create a unified arrangement, especially if you are using face to face or LShaped arrangement.

To protect the sofas upholstery from getting damaged by the wall, place the sofa a few inches from the wall. This way, the sofa will not rub on the wall. The wall is on the other hand not damaged by getting dents, marks and scrapes from the friction of the sofa.

Placing the sofas in the middle instead of against a wall can be used to divide spaces in open concepts designs. For instance, you can divide a living room from a dining room.

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