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Warm Up the Home with Christmas Lights Year-Round

Warm Up the Home with Christmas Lights Year-Round

While decorating the home with Christmas lights isn't a new trend, it's an undeniably effective way to add some warmth and accent light to any room in the home.  It is an inexpensive and readily-available lighting idea that can be utilized in a number of different ways that fits everything from a teenager’s bedroom to an intimate accent in any home. Also, since they come in so many different sizes, arrangements, and varieties, it's something that can fit anyone’s needs and be modified in whichever creative way you see fit.

LED or Incandescent?

This is perhaps the biggest decision you'll need to make when decorating with Christmas lights.  The past few years has seen a massive shift in Christmas lights from the age-old favorite incandescent light over to the new LED lights.  There are many advantages to the LED lights in that they draw very little power, don't get hot, and almost never have bulb outages along the strand.  While these advantages are hard to ignore, there's no denying that the color of the light is much cooler in color temperature and not nearly as bright as the incandescent option.  LED lights tend to have a blue tint that gives the room a cool look and requires a lot more bulbs and strands to equal the light output of its competitor.  If you're looking to add warmth and soft, inviting glow to a room – incandescent is the way to go.  They draw a bit more power but even then it is quite minimal and contrary to urban legend, they are quite safe to have plugged in for long periods of time (as long as you're using common sense with your outlets and power.)  These lights are fantastic for adding a warm, yellowish orange glow that will blanket a room and keep your light bill reasonable.

Where to place them?

Whether you choose rope lights, icicle lights, or the traditional strand – you can do almost anything with them.  Rope lights are popular for wrapping the staircase handrail or lining the border of the ceiling for a spanning glow.  The same can be done with other styles of lights, but when we get creative is where the fun begins.  Adding some Christmas lights to the rear of a bookcase or even the entertainment center provides a beautiful glowing outline that adds a bit of depth and pop to an area of our homes that may seem stagnant or impossible to spruce up.  One of the ways to go a bit further with the warming glow of Christmas lights is to place white or transparent fabric in front of them.  Flowing drapery, white muslin, or any decorative fabric can help diffuse the Christmas lights and spread its light evenly all across a room.  It's a striking effect that is soothing, warming, and angelic.  These inexpensive lights are versatile, cheap, and an excellent source of home décor depending on how you want to utilize them.

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