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Using Area Rugs to Advantage

Using Area Rugs to Advantage

Area rugs are common components in most homes. However, very few people have an idea of what type or style of an area rug to apply in a particular room. These handy rugs come in many types, patterns, colors and textures, thus sometimes making the search for the right area rug for different rooms a nightmare. Since they will form a part of the interior design plan, it is important to know the styles and in which way you can use them to achieve the desired effect.

Area rugs are divided in many categories and each of them is suited for different designs and rooms. Contemporary area rugs are designed to blend with colors and styles of the modern house design. You can use these rugs to add color or personality to a room. Alternatively, you can use a contemporary rug to contrast your décor. Rugs can also be used to provide warmth by placing them under the dining table, near the sofa or a chair in a home office.

Traditional area rugs are also popular options while decorating a room with rugs. They feature subtle color themes. The rugs also exude elegance and are suitable to use in any setting, be it in the hallway or in any other room, traditional area rugs never disappoint. Their name should not make you think they are outdated. These area rugs are finding their way in contemporary homes and they tie-in with the rest of the décor, effortlessly.

Braided area rugs are other rugs you would want to consider adding into your décor.  They were used during the colonial times, but they remain relevant in the home design today. They are a warm and depict a touch of sophistication. There are different types among them flat braid, yarn braid, cloth braid and banded braid. They do well in all rooms, in particular rooms that handle a lot of foot traffic every day. For instance, they can make a timeless doormat.

Floral rugs come in both contemporary and traditional styles. They bring a natural feel to any room while adding color to an often-plain room. Whether it is a formal or a casual setting, floral area rugs will enhance the space. They also come in various colors and patterns. Hence, you will hardly miss something that will blend with your client’s existing décor. Use these rugs to highlight areas of interest such as hallways, living room and dining room. The kitchen can also benefit from these area rugs. Place one near the cooker and below your pantry to offer comfort while you are standing. Besides, they will accentuate the floor of your kitchen.

Natural area rugs are also becoming popular and especially in this era where environmental sustainability has become a common concern. These are made from materials such as sisal, sea grass, cotton and jute. Their color schemes bring calm in any room, more than brighter hues will do.

For comfort and elegance, no rug can do better than shag and woolen area rugs. They have a soft texture, which feels great under the feet. These rugs are a good addition where you have a ceramic, tile, vinyl and hardwood flooring.

Area rugs are an inexpensive way of decorating a room. They are available in a wide variety and their price is very affordable. They also fit in any room, creating a nice visual appeal.

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