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The Power of Hooks

The Power of Hooks

When it comes to home organization, there are a few must have tools to keep things in their own place.  Baskets, shelves, and drawers are the obvious go-to when you have to find a place to organize and get things out of the way.  But one small tool with just as much power, versatility, and usefulness is simply:  hooks.  They can be a bit utilitarian and sometimes bland in design, but with so many options out there, there's something for everyone and every home décor project.  So what is it that makes hooks so powerful a tool that they not only organize but add a bit of home décor panache as well?


Besides just about anywhere, let's take a look at some must-use spots for hooks in our homes.  One place in the home that practically begs for hooks is our foyer or door area.  Adding a small board with hooks or some sort of decorative item to the wall with hooks is the perfect organizer for those “just before I leave the house” necessities.  The most obvious thing to hang on the hooks are your keys, but it could also hold your water bottle, dog leash, or anything else you may need.  And since you can find a variety of different decorative boards or wall accessories that has hooks attached, you can stay current with the season and make this hook area look pleasing over utilitarian.

Another excellent spot for hooks is the kitchen.  Whether it's to hang pots and pans, dish towels, apron, or measuring cups – hooks help spice up the kitchen from being a prison of cupboards and drawers.  Additionally, adding hooks to closets is beyond useful.  This may be a bit more hidden, but it's hard to deny that a hook in a closet is an invaluable organizing tool.  But when you want to utilize hooks and have them out in the open as décor, the bedroom is an excellent place to do just that.  One of the best ways to utilize hooks in the bedroom is for jewelry.  Whether it's dangly earrings, necklaces, or loose bracelets – they invariably get tangled together in a messy birds nest.  You can buy an accordion-style hook board and hang your dangly jewelry to add a bit of texture to your bedroom wall and keep things neat and organized.  Or if you feel a bit crafty, an interesting way to do this yourself would be to add tiny screw-in hooks to the bottom edge of a wooden hanger for the same effect.  The same idea could be utilized for a man's ties as well.

These are just a few examples that show just how powerful and useful hooks can be in our homes.  They may seem a bit utilitarian but they're one of the most versatile tools of organization and décor that we have at our disposal.  It's up to you to get creative and find some other spots where hooks can be utilized to change things up and keep things organized.

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