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Recovering Lamp Shades

Recovering Lamp Shades

If you change the décor in a room and do not want to buy a new lamp to match, you have the choice of recovering your lamp shade with fabric. Choose a fabric that will compliment your new design style. There are so many choices out there, so you will have no trouble in finding the perfect design. Here are the easy steps to take in order to change the look of your lamp.


1) Once you have purchased your fabric, cut a piece long enough to wrap around your lamp. Leave a little extra room in length on all sides of the lamp. You should leave approximately 2 inches of fabric reaching past the bounds of top and bottom of the lamp shade.


2) If you are recovering a tapered shade, you will have to cut the fabric slightly different. You will have to cut the fabric to have a sort of upwards curve as you near the ends. The best way to figure out how much curve you will need is to place the shade in the center of the fabric. Cautiously roll the shade in both directions. While you are doing this, cut above and below the edges as you are rolling.


3) Your next step is to find the center point of the prepared fabric. Lay it on the side of the shade opposite from its seam. Check to see if the fabric is placed accurately by wrapping both ends around the shade. Cut one end, leaving a half inch of fabric exceeding the seam on the shade.


4) Along the seam, dispense a line of fabric glue on the shade. Adhere one side of the fabric to the shade. Press down on the fabric for several seconds to hold it in place. Tape the edge of the fabric that is glued down to the shade. You can use any kind of tape for this, as long as it is effective. Wrap the fabric around the shade while you pull firmly, but gently. Make sure there are no gaps or creases in the fabric as you form it around the shade. Tape the second end in place on the shade.


5) Beginning at the top edge, fold the fabric over towards the inside of the shade. Indicate the fold line by marking it with a temporary fabric pen. Continue this process going around the entire perimeter of the shade. Once that is finished, trim off the extra fabric. Leave about a half inch of fabric past the mark you previously made. Tuck the cut fabric underneath itself (between the fabric and the shade). Keep the tucked edge ever so slightly above the shade's edge. Make sure it's even along the entire edge of the shade.


6) Glue the edges of the fabric into place by using a small and continuous amount of fabric glue. Press down hard on the edges and tape until the glue has dried.


7) Repeat the previous steps to the bottom edge of the shade. There you have your newly covered lamp shade.

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