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Knowing Your Platform Bed

Knowing Your Platform Bed

A platform bed is a bed in which the base is an elevated, balanced and sturdy frame. It is often composed of rows of pliable wooden slats designed to support only a mattress, not a box-spring. This platform allows for suitable, comfortable support and ventilation for a mattress. Therefore, it eliminates the need for a box-spring as a foundation. There are three different types of platform beds: contemporary, traditional and transitional, and storage platform beds.


1) Contemporary Platform Beds

          This style of platform beds, which can be seen in most examples, are typically characterized by neat lines, natural elements and solid colors. Contemporary platform beds usually reflect emulate European designs. This includes characteristics that are close to the ground and the use of straight, unhesitating lines. Some examples can feature microfiber and/or leather padding on a headboard, which is to be used as a backrest when sitting up in the bed.


2) Traditional and Transitional Platform Beds

          Traditional and transitional platform beds were fabricated after a design period knows as the Arts and Crafts movement. This international design movement was most popular between 1880 and 1910, and even went on to influence furniture designs into the 1930s. The Arts and Crafts movement signified traditional craftsmanship through the use of structures that were uncomplicated and plain. Generally, it applied medieval, romantic or folk styles of representation. Traditional and transitional platform beds take after a more modern look by using traditional styling concepts. Within the headboard, these exquisite techniques can be seen in the refined modern scroll work that is sometimes produced and displayed.


3) Storage Platform Beds

         Platform beds that feature drawers or spaces in the frame to keep items, such as clothing, are called storage platform beds. These drawers or spaces are usually found beneath the side rails. They may also be integrated into the foot board of the bed frame. A lot of storage platform beds also offer extendable headboard units for even more storage options.


There are so many different ways to create your own unique platform bed as they are becoming ever more popular. Many people like the idea of building their own platform and find that they can do so rather inexpensively. Some might use reclaimed wood from a barn, plywood and even incorporate book shelves in their design. There is a large variety of choices out there, so you can basically design your base to best suit your needs. Keep in mind the space in which your bed will be placed and know that it will ultimately have to remain there, at least semi-permanently. Also determine how much extra storage space, if any, you would like to add into your design. Plan on what type of storage system you want on your base, whether it is shelves, drawers, baskets or a combination of several different types. If you choose to design and make your own base, you can also paint it to match any color of furniture that you already have in your room. Keep it a basic, natural wooden color and simply stain it or paint it a clean white hue. The choice is yours.






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