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How to Set Up Your Home with Nautical Décor

How to Set Up Your Home with Nautical Décor

Do you ever get that feeling that you want to break away from your conventional home theme to a more breezy retreat? We get that a lot too, because nothing comes close to the tranquil ambience of the grand oceans and the sea-scented sand. That however, is not just restricted to your imagination anymore, as you can now achieve a nautical décor without having to live close to the seaside.

Nautical, or coastal décor as otherwise known, is one of the most desirable themes in modern home décor due to its aesthetic beauty and complimenting a laidback lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can help you bring to ocean waves in your premise.

Make a List

Nautical décor has more to do with visual appeal than actually renovating your home completely. This is why it’s considered a cost effective theme and has gained popularity as a result. Before we get started, we want you to make a list of items of the following items that can accentuate the look of your home:

·         Lighting – Pendant lights, seagull shaped sconces, nautical lamps are all available from online stores at affordable rates.

·         Furnishing – navy blue or aqua blue fabrics to be used as carpets, rugs, and decoration pieces on walls. A little beach sand on the main entrance to your home won’t be bad either.

·         Motifs – seashells, motifs of aqua life, starfish, and artificial flowers and seaweed will work well in different areas of your home.

·         Decorations – Fishing nets, fishing rope, anchors, nautical mirrors, and coastal life inspired art will add the finishing touches to your décor.


The outside of your home will lay the foundation for the theme that is incorporated in the interior. In coastal décor, gray stone sidings with white trims work well to pave a way to the door entrance, with beach sand on either side. Consider installing seagull lights or sconces on either side of the entrance door to give your home an urban nautical look.


Paint color is a significant factor in implementing a well thought out nautical décor. Soothing colors like sky blue and pearl white work wonders with any coastal décor. That said the interior of your home will incorporate different color schemes in different areas like the living room, bedrooms, etc. Hence, choose your colors that compliment the rest of the area and all the items in it.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Nautical décor brings out the best in what many consider as two untouchable areas in any home. Work on the mirrors of your bathrooms and try installing bathroom sconces on top. This will give a dim lit aroma in your bathrooms. As for the kitchen, consider changing the countertop to a color or design that matches the coastal way of life. This will make your kitchen look more lively, not to mention it will promote a holistic theme in the home.

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