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Getting the right bed sheets

Getting the right bed sheets

Bed linen is part of soft furnishings that take part in decorating your room with the main function being the soothing comfort when you are asleep. With a third of someone’s day being spent in bed, it is important to ensure that you have the right bed sheets. This may be a challenge considering the many suppliers available. Below are tips to help you identify the bed linen that best suits you.

Bed sheets come in different materials and the ones you choose will depend on your preference. Currently, the good fabrics include Egyptian cotton, which is the best and also expensive. Its long-staple fibers create long lasting and strong bed sheets. Pima cotton or Supima closely follows with its soft materials. The fibers are not as long as for the Egyptian cotton and it is not as expensive. Other fabrics include linen, which is also of good quality but expensive. There are also bed sheets in which the fabrics are blend with polyester. Ensure you get quality when choosing your bed sheets. In case you come across sheets that are labeled 100% cotton, it may be upland cotton from America, a lesser quality brand, though rough and has short fibers that end up poking, making the fabric weak and coarse.

Thread count is another aspect of bed linen to consider. It refers to number of threads that are woven in a one-inch square of fabric. However, more thread counts do not mean that the bed sheets are of higher quality. If the sheets have a count of about 400, they are good to go because they are soft. A higher thread count may make the sheets stiff because there are too many threads in one space.

The weaving of the bed sheets affects their feel. For instance, the tightly woven percale is crisp and cool and if you overheat when sleeping, this should be your choice. There is also sateen, which is lustrous, heavier and soft. Its finish is satiny and it provides more warmth. The choice of the weaving on the sheets should depend on your preference, whether you prefer more or less warmth as you sleep. Touch the fabric to find out the feel.

Bed linens play an important role in the overall decoration of the bedroom. You can therefore mix patterns and experiment with prints as long as the colors are of the same family.
You may decide to change your bed sheets with seasons, preferring the heavier ones such as linen for cold seasons and lighter ones for the summer. This does not mean that you cannot use the lighter ones in winter, you can simply add on extra blankets and a cover and you will be warm. If you are looking for bed sheets for children, a blend of cotton and polyester is preferred. This is because it can endure frequent washings, is durable and still maintains softness. Only make sure that the polyester is not above 30% to reduce sweating at night.

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