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Decorating with String Art

Decorating with String Art

String art is fast becoming a simple and creative way to decorate any room in your home. Embroidery thread or floss is generally used when creating a piece of string art. This type of thread comes in every color imaginable, so the possibilities are endless. The basic materials needed are embroidery thread (in any colors you choose), and small nails (all of the same size and color).


1) Once you have your basic materials, you can choose to make your string art directly on the wall itself, on a board cut to a specific size or even on layers on cork board (which makes it lighter to hang). No matter what method you choose, the procedure in creating the string art is the same.


2) If your design is a word or words, you can print the letters on an 8.5”x11” piece of paper. Choose any type of font you prefer. Make the letters large enough so they fill the entire page (without leaving any part of the letter off). Cut out the letters, so they can be traced. Don't forget to cut out the inside negative space of the letters, such as the spaces in an “e” or a “p”. For designs, you can either freehand them or print out a design and put it together like a puzzle.


3) Now that you have printed and cut out your letters, arrange them next to each other to spell out the word or words you are making. Tape each letter together to make it all attached.


4) Place your template on the surface you will have your finished product on. If you are putting it directly on the wall, tape the word(s) on the wall in the place you have chosen for your art. If you are using a board or cork board, center your word(s) on the board and tape it down. Note that you can also paint the boards any color you wish, prior to placing the words down. Make it a color that compliments the color(s) of your string.


5) Before you begin with the nails, flip the board over and place the mechanism by which you will be hanging the finished product. For a heavy wooden board, you would want to use a heavy duty picture hanger or a masonry nail (depending on where you will hang it). Please keep in mind the weight of the finished product and how it will be hung.


6) Now you can begin to outline your word(s) or design with the nails. Make sure that all of the nails are placed at the exact height. As you are moving your way around the outer edge, place the nails at even intervals. Don't have a small space then a large space between nails. Make each space the same.


7) When you have outlined the entire template with nails, you can remove the paper. You will now see the outline in nails on the bare surface.


8) Next, grab your string and tie a piece onto one nail. Simply start weaving the string between the nails, back and forth. You can choose to place the string in a certain pattern, maybe skipping every other nail or every two nails or you can just go wild and put the string wherever you want, without even thinking about it. If you are unhappy with the way it is coming out, you can simply unwind the string and start over. Be creative if you are working with more than one color. Make what looks good to you. Overlap colors. Make each letter a separate color. Continue this process until you have finished stringing all of the letters or each part of your design. Proudly display you new work of art!

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