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Creating and Furnishing a Home Bar

Creating and Furnishing a Home Bar

A home bar creates a relaxed ambience in your home and it is a great place to entertain your guests. In order to create that ideal ambience in your home, you might want to incorporate a few concepts. Incorporate accessories and stylish elements that enhance the ambience of your bar. First, map out a budget that will incorporate a number of factors. Give your bar a personal touch by handpicking the colors and the themes of your home bar. In order to create an ideal bar, ensure that you stock it with stools, glasses and drinks. 

Lighting is important because there is nothing as unappealing as a dimly lit bar. Incorporate art and other d├ęcor elements and you can be sure that you will leave your guests impressed. Thankfully, there are many ideas that can be used to decorate a bar. Considering that a home bar is a happy place, look for fun themes that will create that kind of an ambience. For instance, you can incorporate sporty themes and use a design that celebrates your favorite team or your sport of preference.  

Wall hangings are also a great idea to enhance the ambience of your home bar. Go for a bright wall hanging as this is bound to create a more relaxed and fun-filled ambience. Alternatively, you could repaint the walls and the floors with cheerful colors in order to enhance the ambience. Cheerful colors can bring an otherwise dull home bar back to life. Complete the look with a big screen.

Memorabilia such as bats, hockey sticks, footballs or baseballs are also a great way to bring life back to an otherwise dull home bar. Here, you have the best platform to display your favorite collections. Pennants are also a great way to enhance your bar, especially if it has a pass through. For a more fun look, hang pieces of framed jerseys or posters of your favorite players. Use acrylics to fit memorabilia in frames.  

Create a viewing area in your bar and decorate it with logos of your favorite team. Your mini bar should double up as an ideal sports viewing area. The television should be visible from all angles of the bar. Your guests should not strain to watch the TV as they enjoy drinks. Comfort is also of the essence. Remember your home bar is where you come to relax and unwind. As such, ensure that the seats offer optimum comfort. Reinforce the padding on the couches and invest in bar stools that can swivel and spin with ease. Put up additional seating capacity in the peripherals of your bar. A big sectional sofa is ideal and provides optimum comfort. 

Use other channels to bring your mini bar back to life. For instance, the floor is a great area to employ a personal touch. If you are a fan of basketball, you can design your floor to depict a basketball court and have the floor engraved with your favorite players or team. Floors made from hardwood are easy to paint and you can decorate your hardwood floor by painting it with authentic markings. A football theme calls for more creativity. Incorporate artificial grass in your home bar, and use yard lines for marking. Murals are also a great way to improve your bar and create a lasting illusion if you intend to create a baseball themed interior in your home bar.

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