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Add a Chalk Wall for Some Added Variety

Add a Chalk Wall for Some Added Variety

Today’s home décor trends are dominated by two general styles:  modern and rustic. The modern style is the clean and sleek look that relies on minimalism, bold angles, and striking color palates.  The rustic look lends itself more toward the worn and vintage look with an abundance of texture.  Both of these trends are at their height right now as it's become commonplace to see both styles in new restaurant designs, real estate, home décor stores, and many other venues.  With these two styles dominating the décor world, it's not often that furnishing or décor ideas can fit with both styles.  One such décor trend that can span the gap between both styles is the emergence of chalkboards.


Chalk boarding an area of the house has become a much easier task as of late.  It doesn't rely on purchasing a chalkboard and hanging it somewhere on your walls – you can purchase cans of chalkboard paint or wallpaper at craft or paint stores.  This opens up your options on where your chalkboard surface can be placed and what the dimensions will be.


Once you decide if you're going with the paint or wallpaper, next up is to find out where you want it to go.  One of the popular and appropriate places for a chalkboard wall would be the kitchen.  It is a growing trend to see chalkboard menu walls at restaurants, cafes, diners, and more.  Adding a chalk wall to our kitchen can give it that quaint feel of having our own little restaurant.  Other popular areas for a chalkboard wall are bathrooms and bedrooms.  Wherever you decide to place your chalk wall all depends on you and how you plan to use it.


So now that you've got a chalkboard wall or surface in your home, it's up to you to decide what goes on it.  This is where the fun comes in and the level of customization that can make it either a sleek or modern look or the more rustic and textured look.  One of the obvious choices for a kitchen chalk wall would be to create a menu.  You can announce to your home what tonight's dinner will be or what the big Sunday dinner is.  It can also be utilized as a place to keep track of what groceries you recently purchased or may still need.  As for the chalk walls elsewhere in the house it's all up to you.  They can be decorated with quotes, pictures, and really anything you'd like to put on it.  Some people even go so far as drawing an entire home décor scene on the wall.  This could include an interesting wallpaper pattern effect, drawing a table and chairs, or anything your imagination can create.

What makes these chalk walls so interesting and versatile is they can constantly be modified.  The simple white chalk on blackboard look is very simplistic and modern looking.  At the same time, if you want to get a bit more decorative and colorful with your chalk wall, you can go all out and give your home a more rustic feel by hand-drawing entire scenes, sayings, or false furniture.  How you utilize your chalk wall is only as limited as your imagination and can fit in just about any home furnishing concept you have.

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