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About HouseHome & Social is a website providing wealth of information to its readers on home-related topics such as furnishing ideas, home security, DIY helpful tips, home keeping and interior design among others. This is to enable the readers to find home improvement information in one place.

Our mission is to be the best website in providing tips in home-related topics to help our readers transform their homes into safe havens. This is by putting all the information related to homes in one place so that our readers do not have to look for the information from one website to another.

Our vision is to give our readers the best information available on the Internet on ways that they can transform their homes to be the best. We will do this by providing only quality information that can be applied practically in homes.

We make sure that the information provided is of high quality that you can use to transform your home to a safe haven. On DIY helpful tips, you will find many DIY projects and tips that you can use when undertaking projects in your home. The furnishing ideas section contains decorating and furnishing ideas that you can use to transform your home. Home keeping section has tips on how to take care of your home by keeping it clean and maintaining it. Interior design section has tips that you can use to transform your home interiors. Home security section provides you with tips that you can use to keep your home safe and have peace of mind because your family is protected.