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Is Hydroponics in Indoor Gardening Easier With LED Grow Lights?

Is Hydroponics in Indoor Gardening Easier With LED Grow Lights?

Although several other options are available for hydroponics, in indoor gardening projects (either large scale or small), LED grow lights remain a hot topic in the field of indoor gardening. When taking up indoor grow projects, horticulturists consider using these lights and give it the tag of being “the next big thing.” Like so many other products in the market, there is so much hype around the use of LEDs. Sometimes, it is hard to know exactly whether these lights are the right options for your indoor garden or not, especially if you are planning to take up a project that involves hydroponics.

What’s Hydroponics?

A division of hydroculture, hydroponics is growing process that involves growing plants in soilless growing mediums. It requires the use of aquatic-based environments for plants along with the use of mineral nutrients to feed plants in water without using soil. This is an exciting and great approach for all those gardeners who love to grow diverse varieties of plants. With technological advancements, now growers don’t have to worry about weather limitations of changes in seasons in the pursuit of growing the best yields.

In hydroponics, Dorm Grow LED lights play a major light. These smart lighting options allow all growers to plant anything at any time of the year. They allow growers to adjust spectrums of lights to meet the plant's requirements, transforming the way indoor gardening was before. Hence, they allow indoor growers to grow plants where and when they choose.

Here’s how LED lights work, making gardening easier indoors.

The Benefits of LED Grow Lights for Hydroponics

To know how LED grow lights help in hydroponics, you need to consider some of the advantages, which apply to the hydroponics as well. Compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED grow lights consume less amount of energy, and they last longer, appear smaller, more durable, and emit less heat.

In addition, they are a popular choice for their luminous efficiency when compared to other lighting options. In terms of luminous efficiency, this refers to the light’s ability to produce light in its visible form. The more efficient the light, it means it will be more visible and produce more input power.

Less Emission of Heat

LED grow lights come with the heat efficiency quality. Unlike other indoor grow light options like sodium high-pressure grow lights, this option emits less light in grow spaces. Water, temperature, and air are important factors for the hydroponics growth and LED grow lights as stabilizers for the plants, which require less heat for the growing stage of plants.

Longer Lasting

Often, LED lights last much longer compared to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Most reports say that these lights date back to the 70s and the 80s, but they are still available today. These are longer lasting lights since they have no vacuum and gas components and they last between 30,000 to 100,000 hours before they come to a stop.

A Healthier Work Environment

Along with controlling the intensity of the light, LED indoor grow lights also help to keep plants healthier and safer in their environment. These lights also help to keep spider mites and various other pests away, which ensure the plant's longevity. As plants absorb more of the wavelength of the light, growers should not worry about other costs (extra costs), like the installation of fans, which allows better ventilation.

Control on the Light Spectrum

Another great advantage of installing LED grow lights is the ability to customize the temperature and color spectrum for the growth of plants. In their growth phase, plants require different light colors. Often, red, or blue light is the ideal choice for plants in their vegetative and flowering stages. With LED grow lights, you will have complete control over the plant growth. If you are planning to take a project to grow cannabis, you will need blue LEDs. When they continue to grow, you will be able to invest in full spectrum options for better yield.

Experiments and research also show that most plants grow naturally and faster, about five times faster when they are in the right climates, that the LED grow lights provide.

In indoor spaces, grow lights emerge as advanced lighting technologies that make it easier to take up indoor gardening projects. People in other winter facing cities now don’t have to wait longer to rely on solutions for their indoor growing projects. You can use grow lights and watch out for better yields, extra savings, and low consumption of energy.

Although investing in grow lights may feel like an expensive prospect, you need to know there are several other benefits in the longer run, which will help you to save more. With smart lighting options, you can now consider planting your plants through the process of hydroponics and not worry about any other factor!




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