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Knowing who’s doing what, where, when and how. The parent’s guide to leaving kids at home

Knowing who’s doing what, where, when and how. The parent’s guide to leaving kids at home

Whether you are a working parent who needs someone to take care of the kids during the day, or enjoying a much deserved second honeymoon with your beloved, no matter the age of your children, leaving them alone at home is a daunting prospect to most parents. In this day and age, having a babysitter is also not enough; more needs to be done to ensure the wellness of your household.



Perhaps the most obvious choice where this is concerned, however, when you are looking at options, make sure that you are taking an option that allows you to view the footage remotely. Some companies offer the facility for you to view the footage in real time on your mobile device, such as a laptop, tablet or Smartphone. This is vital; as you’d be able to act immediately should something be amiss. Not only would this ensure that the babysitter or nanny does what they’re supposed to, but will also prevent those house parties the moment you cross the town border. By no means are we advocating being a detective where your children are concerned, however, the safety of your family should be your biggest consideration here. Parents who have installed CCTV have oftentimes found out more through the CCTV footage about their children and the people they entrust their children to, than they bargained for. Instances of babysitters inviting their friends over while locking the kids in the rooms, children suffering abuse at the hands of the babysitters or nannies, children bullying their babysitter, all caught on camera. Even though these events cause a sting and are difficult to face by a parent, it at least affords the parent the opportunity to correct the chosen path.


Parental control

You’re thousands of kilometers away, and you know that your kids are going to get as much TV time in as they possibly can. This could spell trouble as there is a lot of information on the television that children are not supposed to see. By ensuring that you activate the parental control, this will at least limit the access to taboo channels. The same can be said for other devices, like their cell phones and computers. The internet can be a frightening place, and by installing software that alerts you to possible dangerous sites, your child’s safety is much less likely to be compromised. Buy ensuring that you get the right software to suit your family’s needs, a whole host of security aspects are taken care of. You are able to not only set parental controls, but also filter out inappropriate content. You no longer have to worry about risky advertising while your child is watching a guitar tutorial on YouTube, or browsing the internet. You can limit the apps and games downloaded to only the types you are comfortable with, and having awkward search results returned which could send a curious child down an unhealthy rabbit hole is now a thing of the past.

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