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Is my home baby safe? Important security aspects to take into consideration when baby comes home

Is my home baby safe? Important security aspects to take into consideration when baby comes home

You’ve spent months waiting or your precious bundle of joy to come home. The time has finally come, and with a shock you realise that your home is not baby safe. It’s still a while before the little one starts wondering around, but all of a sudden everything in your house resembles scenes from a warzone. Everything is a threat. Apart from the most obvious issues like power outages, the following needs to be taken into consideration when making your home baby proof.


Dangling wires and hanging tablecloths

When your little one is finally ready to start walking, the first thing they are going to do is to try and pull themselves up. Wires, cords and tablecloths have all seen their fair share of baby drama. There are quite a few products on the market that can assist in terms of taping cables to the wall, and to make them less visible. These gadgets are life savers to new parents. While your baby is still in this phase, it may also be a good idea to swop the tablecloths and doilies for runners until this is no longer a concern.


Small or lightweight side tables and night stands

Having a small side table may be an elegant statement in your home, but it may also be a security risk for your baby. Babies are curious and fast. They want to see what is on everything, and they want to touch everything. If this is something that you cannot remove or pack away,  by investing in a play pin, you are keeping baby in the room without having to compromise on their safety.


Fireplace and fireplace tools

It may seem obvious, but the risk for baby is not just when there is a raging fire in your fireplace. Babies love getting dirty, and chewing on a piece of charred wood, or playing with a fire poker may not be in the best interest of the baby. By ensuring that the fireplace is adequately screened, with a sturdy fixed screen, you’re another step closer to baby safety.


Sharp corners

Do yourself a favor and see your space through baby eyes. Drop down onto your knees, crawl around and look out for potential hazard areas. These would include corners of tables and chairs, as well is statues and decorations. That beautiful glass table could just be the cause of quite a bit of pain when baby tries to man oeuvre their way around the room.


Small objects

You have an indoor Zen garden with a million tiny pebbles. These tiny pebbles could soon see themselves going through baby’s digestive system. Also, be careful of leaving pet chewing toys around, or small ornaments that are within reach of baby. Hard to reach places for you, may not be hard to reach for your baby, for instance crawling in behind the couch. Be aware that this is no longer a safe place to put down insect or vermin repellent.

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