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How to Feel Secure at Home

How to Feel Secure at Home

Living in this day and age, it’s normal to feel uneasy at times, but everyone should be able to feel safe in their home. Sometimes, with news stories and articles talking about burglaries and home invasions, the need to fortify your house can be overwhelming and also very important. Along with a professional home security system, you can also do several other things to make yourself feel a little extra secure and safe. These next few little tips can help take you to the next level with home security.


Light Timers

Installing light timers so that your house lights turn on and off on a regular schedule will make it look like someone is home at most hours of the day, and will deter potential burglars because even if you aren’t home, it will appear that you are. Changing the timer from day to day will make it more realistic in case someone is casing your house to figure out your schedule. Buying a light timer is a relatively cheap investment, and is easy to figure out and work so that the adjustments can be made. In addition, a motion sensor floodlight because this going off when you are not home and your neighbors know that you aren’t home can send up red flags and help scare intruders off or alert neighbors to someone creeping around outside of your home.


Having a Dog/Dog Noise-Maker

Something that is almost guaranteed to keep intruders from your house is owning a dog. A common misconception is that your dog needs to be vicious or a trained guard dog. This is false. Intruders are more afraid of the noise that dogs make that can alert owners and/or neighbors rather than attacking or biting, though that will certainly help in such a situation. If you do not want or can’t own a dog, there are noise machines, some motion activated, that can make the sounds for you. This will give the impression that a dog resides in your home or again, can alert neighbors if the sound goes off and you are not home.


Professional Security System

Of course, one of the most common and fool-proof ways to keep intruders away is the professional security system. These can be on many different levels, from a simple alarm that will go off if a door is opened after the alarm is set, to an intricate array of video cameras and alarms. The system that you go with is based on your price point and the level of security you need. For most homes, the alarm system is sufficient protection, and the sign that most companies give you for your front lawn is often enough to dissuade criminals, as they know the house is going to be a noisy attention grabber if broken into.


As you can see, there are many small or large steps that can be taken to protect your home from intruders and theft. Depending on your financial situation, you can go all out, but sometimes the smaller steps are enough.

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